Wonder Woman Wednesday

Wonder Woman Wednesday (149)

Hello, Wonder Warriors! I'm very excited to present this week's edition of Wonder Woman Wednesday to you. Ever wonder what it might be like for a superhero once their glory days have ended? When, sadly, it's time to hang up the cape and tights and stop fighting crime and pick up a bingo bobber instead?

Greetings, Wonderphiles!

Fair Warning: This week's column is about a highly divisive topic and is completely my opinion and my opinion alone. I certainly don't mean to offend anyone. I welcome any constructive feedback or opinion on the topic.

Scott and I decided to upgrade our TV this past Presidents' Day and ran over to Best Buy to score a gorgeous, 55" Sony Smart TV for only a little more than we wanted to pay for it. But we're couch potatoes and I love it! Anyway, I wanted to go to Golden Apple Comics, but Scott gets bored, so I settled for a run to Game Stop, as it's in the same plaza as Best Buy in West Hollywood. And boy I am I glad I did.

Did my clickbait article title give you the chills? Now, now, before you go blowing your top in a knee-jerk, angry internet response, hear me out.

"How important it is for us to recognize our heroes and sheroes." - Maya Angelou

Happy Black History Month, Wonder Fans!

Hello, fellow Amazons! After doing this column for a while, I've met a lot of people who are as passionate about Wonder Woman as I am. Sometimes, their fandom is in the form of a collection. Sometimes, it's a passion for watching the '70s TV series, or drawing Wonder Woman. Sometimes, it's dressing up like her - for a good cause - or for no reason at all. But it's always a deep-rooted passion for everyone's favorite Amazon that brings the people together.

After much anticipation, today sees the release of issue #2 (of #6) of the epic fantasy crossover between DC Comics and Dynamite Entertainment: Wonder Woman '77 Meets the Bionic Woman!

Readers of Wonder Woman Wednesday and Wonder Woman should be quite familiar with the name Nicola Scott.  Nicola is the Australian artist who just finished a successful relaunch, co-manning the artist duties with fellow veteran Liam Sharp alongside writer Greg Rucka. (Liam will continue his contribution to Wonder Woman: Rebirth for the foreseeable future, as I understand.)

Could you imagine a world without Wonder Woman? Zeus forbid, of course, but really. What would it be like if Wonder Woman had never been created?

The Cartoon Network has given us many cool cartoons starring DC characters, including Teen Titans Go! and Beware the Batman, among others. They're at it again with the much anticipated release of the Justice League Action animated series. Heavy on action and sleek on design (led by lead animator Shane Glines), JLA delivers an entertaining, action-filled superhero epic worthy of the large screen. The audience seems a little more all-ages, but there is an underlying humor that I think all could appreciate.

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