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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Wonder Girl Returns in ‘Young Justice #1’

Happy New Year, dear readers! I think 2018 was a pretty good year for Wonder Woman, as far as comic book appearances and merchandise is concerned – not to mention television. With the Donna Troy Wonder Girl making her debut on the DC Universe series, Titans, can Wonder Woman’s return to the small screen be far behind? Hopefully, original television Wonder Woman Lynda Carter will be reprising her recurring role as POTUS on the Supergirl television series.  (If only she was president for real!)

It was also another good year for WW collectors. I recently snagged my much-anticipated Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman DC Multiverse action figure. Holla!

This week, we’re here to talk about a different part of the Wonder Woman universe: Wonder Girl (and the Cassie Sandsmark Wonder Girl to be more specific)! I could be wrong, but I don’t think we’ve seen much of Cassie since Rebirth, if at all.

To be honest with you, even though I’m a big fan of John Byrne, I wasn’t a fan of the new Wonder Girl that he introduced during his run on the series. She was the prepubescent daughter of college professor Helena Sandsmark and Zeus. (We’ll save that story for another day.) Snotty and awkward with a terrible costume that consisted of a t-shirt, goggles, and a wig, the character left little to be desired.  As the character evolved and matured in the hands of other creators, I began to like her more. The fact that they made her more like Britney Spears is completely coincidental.

I was a huge fan of the original Young Justice by Peter David and Todd Nauck. I was excited to see that writer Brian Michael Bendis was bringing it back to introduce his new line of “Wonder Comics”’ for DC which will also include a Wonder Twins series! Heck to the yeah! I’m a huge Wonder Twins fan, and I’m super geeked for this series. Or should I say “gleeked?” (Wonder Twin fans will know what I mean!) It appears as if Bendis is trying to do for DC what he did for Marvel Comics with their Ultimate line, bringing hipper, younger incarnations of the characters that are seemingly more relatable to young readers. Although, how any teen could identify with a teenage demigod that can toss a Buick across the street is beyond me.

Some spoilers below for Young Justice.

 – Jem World – as in Amethyst Gem World – is attacking Metroplis. Luckily, all the teenage sidekicks of the big guns are in town and more than eager to join the call to action.

 – A bit of a contrived way of reforming the team, but it was too much fun to worry about. I was a little trepidatious going into it, as I was so beholden to the original that I was in fear they’d have trouble living up to the original.

 – I’m happy to report I needn’t have worried. Young Justice #1 is Brian Michael Bendis at his best. Epic, with non-stop action, snappy dialogue, a fun take on the team dynamic, and interesting plot threads. I think Patrick Gleason’s art really captures the feel of what the book should be with his pulse-pounding pencils. I was completely blown away by the splash page reintroducing Impulse. Bart’s never looked better, and it’s good to see him finally back where he belongs.

 – Tim Drake’s Robin runs into Cassie on the streets of Metropolis, where she reveals she has moved there with the intentions of going to school. It’s not long before the team bands together to retaliate against the forces of Jem World.

All in all, a solid first issue. With great art and a great story, there’s not too much to complain about. So, I won’t. I’m looking forward to see where this title is headed, and I’m super excited for issue #2. Teasing “Wonder Girl’s Secret,” how could I not continue reading.

This is just the fun superhero comic book I’ve been needing. I’ve always been a fan of the team dynamic, and it’s nice to see characters in actual costumes. Speaking of which, Wonder Girl could use a little help. With the leather jacket and skirt, it’s not attractive and hardly looks comfortable to fight in. She’s never had a great costume, and I would like to see something a little more iconic and specific to her.

I really enjoyed Young Justice. I can’t wait to see where this series goes, and I’m so happy Wonder Girl is along for the ride.

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Header Art by Patrick Gleason

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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