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Wonder Woman Wednesday: Which Type of Wonder Woman Fan Are You?

Hi, Wonder fans!  As we know, here at Fanbase Press, there are all kinds of fandoms and fans, from Star Wars, to Star Trek, to My Lil’ Pony’s all-male following of “Bronies.” All kinds of fandoms are fiercely devoted in their own right. 

If you’re reading this, chances are that you’re a Wonder Woman fan of some degree. While most Wonder Woman fans are very enthusiastic about the character, I figure they have different perceptions of the character’s different incarnations and different reasons for coming to the party. After all, Wonder Woman has been around for almost 80 years. She means many different things to many different people. So, which kind of Wonder Woman fan are you?  Here are just a few of the many wonderful WW fans out there, and we celebrate and honor you all for your love of the Amazon.

The Casual Wonder Woman Fan: This is the type of Wonder Woman fan that may not especially be a comic book fan, perhaps introduced to the Wonder Woman television series or the modern movie version. They have a knowledge and like or respect for the iconic character, much like one would Mickey Mouse or The Easter Bunny. Probably would see the movies out of nostalgia or pop culture sake.

The Comic Fan: This is someone who likes Wonder Woman because they are a comic book fan and she is an important part to a universe that means a lot to you. You may not buy her book, but you realize the importance of her character in the comic book mythos.

The George Perez fanatic: In the ’80s, DC Comics had a company-wide event to revamp the entire line of comics called Crisis on infinite Earths. The purpose was to clean up tears in the continuity and push the restart button on a lot of well-established characters. Legendary fan-favorite George Perez was tapped to handle the Wonder Woman reset. His well-received run remains one of his finest works to date.

The Lynda Acolyte:  These are the fans of the Wonder Woman television series and Lynda Carter.  She really did bring something to the character and captured something so special.  I wonder if that’s why they had such trouble bringing her back after the end of Lynda Carter’s all-too-brief stint as the character?

The Gal Lover: Many fans are new to the fold and were introduced to the character via the most recent Wonder Woman film. She won the hearts of many and will definitely be known as this generation’s Wonder Woman.

The Girl Power Enthusiast: This is the person that likes Wonder Woman for the exact reason she was created. Wonder Woman is a strong, positive, female role model for girls, and she is definitely a strong symbol for female rights.

And there you have it. I suppose you could break it down further, but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what kind of Wonder Woman fan you are.  Your love of the character and her impact is acknowledged and appreciated.

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*Art by Catherine and Sarah Satrun

Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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