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Wonder Woman Wednesday: The G. Willow Wilson Era Begins!

Today sees the release of Wonder Woman #58 from DC Comics. Not only will there be a new storyline, but the introduction of a new creative team, as well. Although I’ve never read G. Willow Wilson’s writing, I was excited that a woman would be taking the helm. And, with her accolades on Ms. Marvel, I am more than willing to give her a chance.

Not to be a bummer, but I don’t think the book has really lived up to its potential since writer Greg Rucka left after a stint revitalizing the character in the company-wide “Rebirth” soft reboot.  I love James Robinson’s writing, but he really missed the mark with his storyline. An evil twin? Come on! That trope’s almost as old as the comics genre itself. Let’s not fall into the “nobody knows what to do with her” trap. Wonder Woman is a treasure trove of untapped stories. Ah, well. All’s well that ends well, as they say. (Although it didn’t end that well.)

Joining Wilson will be artist Cary Nord. I remember discovering Nord’s work a long time ago on Daredevil. I’ve been a long-time fan, and I love his use of blacks and negative space. He’s definitely from the Mike Mignola school of mood and atmosphere. His work on Conan plays nicely into the world of Diana with the gods, Paradise Island, and the like. It was nice to see Hippolyta and Phillipus on the beautiful shores of Themiscyra.  

I wasn’t too keen on yet another Ares story. There must be other worthy adversaries worth pursuing among Wonder Woman’s rogue’s gallery. Dr. Psycho? Circe? Angle Man? Although with snappy dialogue and a fresh take, I’m already being won over. I’m definitely excited about the new creative team and can’t wait to see where they take us.  With Terry Dodson on as cover artist, things are certainly looking up for Wonder Woman’s monthly title. If you haven’t been reading, this issue is definitely a good jumping-on point.

Wonder Woman #58 is in stores today.

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