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Wonder Woman Wednesday: ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Update

Hola, Wonder Warriors. Welcome to another edition of Wonder Woman Wednesday. It’s still a long way before June 5, 2020, arrives and we finally get the Wonder Woman sequel we’ve been salivating for since the credits rolled to the first
installment. In the meantime, I wanted to share some interesting facts and theories coming from the set. Since none of these are set in stone, things could definitely change, but I feel the need to warn of possible spoilers in the event they do see the day of light.


I suppose the most notable is Pedro Pascale being cast as Maxwell Lord, one of the villains. Pictures from the set make him look more like the business man behind Justice League International than the unhinged psychopath he would eventually become. I find it interesting that they would choose this character. He’s not usually associated with Diana (aside from the time she snapped his neck murdering him, naturally.) He’s not really part of Wonder Woman’s Rogue’s Gallery and not particularly interesting as a suit; however, I do give them credit for using an established DCU character rather than making one up. AND I have the utmost faith in Patty Jenkins to bring us something totally awesome! (Hey, it’s the ’80.)

We also have the tease of an invisible jet in the form of an experimental plane that Wonder Woman borrows, and she is supposed to fly by the end of the film. But that’s not as important to me as I thought it was.

Another nugget that has been revealed is a possible explanation as to how Steve Trevor could return. Apparently, Diana will make some sort of deal with the gods to have Steve’s spirit be able to communicate with her in a sort of homage to Warren Beatty from the ’80s where he played an angel not everyone can see in the movie, Heaven Can Wait. Yeah, I didn’t make that up.

It started me thinking . . . Fanny packs? Kristen Wiig as Cheetah? ’80s hair and fashion? And now freakin’ Warren Beatty? This isn’t poised to be the next great slapstick comedy of the century, is it? I don’t want to be pessimistic. It just seems there’s something inherently funny about the ’80s. Everything was a little silly and wack-a-doodle back then.

After I talk myself down, I remember that Patty Jenkins and the whole team are dedicated to putting forth the best Wonder Woman possible and, heck, they did it once before. Again, while some of this has been confirmed, there aren’t specific enough details to form any realistic opinions at this juncture.  So, as usual, I guess we will wait and see. I’ll bring you more news as soon as I know it. See you next week!

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Michael Fitzgerald Troy, Fanbase Press Contributor



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