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‘Kill All Immortals #1:’ Comic Book Review

The Asvald family has wealth and power going back centuries. They have dealings throughout the corporate world, but there are also whispers of what happens to you if you cross them. In the opening scene of this issue, one of their business partners experiences the truth of those whispers firsthand. There’s a lot of blood involved.

Then, we meet the black sheep of the Asvald family: Frey. On the surface, she’s a wealthy heiress and socialite, but look closer, and she doesn’t really fit the bill. Rather than going into the family business, she’s chosen to strike out on her own. Traveling the world, instead of hostile takeovers, she’s chosen to help people. She’ll spend $12 million on a glamorous charity event—but she won’t stick around for the press photos. People know her, but nobody really knows her. Even her new boyfriend Owen has to stop and ask her, “Who IS Frey Asvald?”

But no matter how much she shuns the spotlight, she can’t stay off the radar entirely—and a family as powerful and dangerous as hers has powerful and dangerous enemies. When Frey and Owen are ambushed by mercenaries, she has no choice but to bring him home to meet the Asvald clan and hope that they’ll provide them with protection.

The story is a familiar one. At least parts of it, you’ll probably be able to guess from context as things unfold. If you’re familiar with Norse mythology (and/or Norse history), you’ll likely recognize a few names, a few elements. And even if you just read the official plot synopsis, it gives away at least a couple of things that aren’t revealed until the end of this issue.

But knowing the plot doesn’t matter a lot in this story. What makes it worthwhile is the world in which the story takes place and how those familiar elements fit into that world. And the world that writer Zack Kaplan has created is one very much worth exploring. There’s a fair bit of blood and violence, but the action is great and will keep you coming back for more. I can’t wait for the next issue.

Creative Team: Zack Kaplan (script), Fico Ossio (art), Thiago Rocha (colors), Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou (letters)
Publisher: Dark Horse
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Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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