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Inverse Press’ ‘Last Ride for Horsemen’ is Now on Kickstarter

Comic book publisher Inverse Press has a new project in the works, and they have returned to Kickstarter to fund the 20-page Western comic book called Last Ride for Horsemen.  For details regarding the comic book and its Kickstarter campaign, please see Inverse Press’ full press release, below.

For Immediate Release

Kevin LaPorte
(251) 401-7661

August 20, 2013  – Now available at, Inverse Press’ latest comic, Last Ride for Horsemen.

As the Apocalypse falls on the last town in creation, the Horseman, Famine, is its harbinger! In Last Ride for Horsemen, Famine arrives in the form of a monstrous Plowman and sets forth to reap devastation by the edge of his plowshare and by the hoof of his Hellish workhorse! He is challenged only by a small cadre of townsfolk – an arrogant tycoon, a socialite mayor, a hardened sheriff, and a grizzled hired gun. They are the only obstacles to the destruction of everything that keeps their town alive!

Last Ride for Horsemen is a stand-alone, 20-page Western comic with a Steampunk edge, written by Kevin LaPorte (Clown Town, Roadkill du Jour), with art by Nathan Smith and colors by Gavin Michelli. It is the first of four such stand-alone volumes, each spotlighting the onslaught of a distinct Horseman of the Apocalypse re-imagined as an archetypal denizen of the Wild West!

For the Last Ride for Horsemen Kickstarter campaign, Kevin, Nathan and Gavin are pleased to offer an array of cool specialty rewards, unique editions of the book, and incredible opportunities, including:

· Kickstarter-Exclusive Cover Editions of Last Ride for Horsemen

· Kickstarter-Exclusive Trading Cards featuring Key Characters

· Oversized (9.25” x 14”) “Treasury” Editions of Last Ride for Horsemen

· Blank, SKETCH “Decapitation” Cover Editions of Last Ride for Horsemen featuring an Original Sketch by Nathan Smith of YOUR HEAD Lopped off by the Plowman

· 9” x 12” and 11″ x 17″ Sketch Commissions by Nathan Smith and Gavin Michelli

· Opportunities to be written/drawn into roles in the NEXT issue of Last Ride for Horsemen, featuring PESTILENCE Kickstarter allows creators to take funding – AND the projects thus created – directly to the fans!

It’s as simple as signing up, choosing the reward(s) most appealing to you, and setting up secure payment through (EASY – especially if you already have an Amazon account).

Inverse Press publishes comics stories of the weird and horrific from the minds of writer Kevin LaPorte and artist Amanda Rachels and their collaborators. Active since 2010, Inverse has produced a variety of comics of different forms, including Last Ride for Horsemen, The Blind Eye, Clown Town, Flesh of White and Roadkill du Jour.

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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