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‘The Last Mermaid #5:’ Comic Book Review

After the defeat of the creature in the last issue, the mermaid discovers that the land dweller Torque knows about the place she’s been searching for: a place where a giant silver trident impales the sun.

The mermaid reluctantly asks Torque to show her the way, and, to her surprise, he agrees. It soon becomes apparent they have vastly different perspectives of this harsh wasteland. The mermaid sees nothing but death, but Torque sees beauty and freedom. Traveling through the ruins of an ancient city, they stumble across the remains of a mutant. Torque reminds her there is strength in numbers, but it’s clear the mermaid doesn’t quite trust him yet.

Food is not plentiful, so they take whatever they can get. Nightmares plague the mermaid, but we learn two critical pieces of information: her name and a warning from her mother. Their journey continues, but it has become more perilous. The mermaid’s water toxicity is up to 68%, and not only is the terrain difficult, but it also appears they have walked right into mutant country. The mutants are fast, smart, and ruthless, which means the mermaid and Torque need to learn to work together fast or die trying.

Once again, Mr. Kim doesn’t disappoint with the action sequences. The inclusion of at least one action sequence per issue makes for good pacing. I never get bored during the quiet moments which are reserved for more character development. The mermaid’s reluctance to tell Torque her name tells us that she’s slow to trust, and for quite possibly a good reason. I still don’t know what that reason is or have the answers to many of the questions I have, but since Mr. Kim plans on this series being at least twelve issues long, there’s time.

As the mermaid and Torque’s relationship gradually builds, we see more moral decisions having to be made by the mermaid. Torque, on the other hand, never seems to hesitate to lend a helping hand. Both characters have gone through trauma, yet each has come out the other side differently. Much like the rest of us.

Mr. Kim has finally found a name for his column—Lottie’s Legions. I have to say, the letters he publishes and the occasional fan art are a hoot.

Creative Team: Derek Kirk Kim (Writer/Artist)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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