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‘Infinite Wheatpaste Vol. 1: Catalytic Conversions’ – Graphic Novel Review

Infinite Wheatpaste Vol. 1 is a collection of L. Pidge’s Ignatz-nominated comic series that she has self-published since 2016. This edition, released by Avery Hill Publications, collects issues one through nine and is bookended by short stories. The anthology comic tells the stories of seven characters – Soe, Casimir, Otis, Addy, Lilah, Groob, and Jeff – in a wide range of genres including romantic comedy, science fiction, and small-town horror.

The writing made me nostalgic for that time when you think you have everything figured out, but there is still so much more to discover in life. Whether it be losing a friend or falling in and out of love, L. Pidge pairs these seemingly big events with strange occurrences; Jeff’s drug addiction and mental problems come to the forefront until he ascends to space to become a demi-god, despite Lilah’s help. Soe’s budding relationship with Jon is disrupted supernaturally. Groob goes on a space adventure and meets an alien. Addy gets stuck in a mysterious small town when her car breaks down with horrific results. OT15, a robot, navigates his depression. Infinite Wheatpaste makes connecting with these characters an unexpected joy.

While the universe Pidge has built for her characters looks beautiful, the character designs had to grow on me. The lettering fits perfectly with the manic, but deeply personal, stories she has shared with us. The surreal imagery in the first few issues was initially off-putting, but made sense and only enhanced the beauty of this book as you get deeper into the stories. By the time you get to Groob’s space adventure, the aliens and lifeforms encountered look bland compared to the blue horse driving the bus or the giant, Dune-like sandworms in the first issue. Chase Hutchison’s fantastic colors complement a series that cannot be pigeonholed by one genre.

This book is recommended to anyone looking for storytelling outside the norm of what comics have to offer. This is probably the trippiest book you will read about growing and navigating young adulthood – in the best possible.

Creative Team: L. Pidge (writer/artist), Chase Hutchison (colorist)
Publisher: Avery Hill
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Forrest Gaddis, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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