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‘Anticucho and Other Peruvian Cyberpunk Stories:’ Comic Book Anthology Review

Cyberpunk is a unique genre that easily can be tweaked to fit a variety of times, settings, and cultures. As long as there is the right mixture of futuristic tech and unstable or unreliable government, I can easily suspend my disbelief and be swept up into the world building. Gustaffo Vargas’ Anticucho and Other Peruvian Cyberpunk Stories easily meets my criteria and blends them with the indigenous culture, food, and lifestyle of Peru in a way that feels both unique and familiar.

The heart of Anticucho is a group of street kids who steal and wreak petty havoc on the streets of Lima while trying to grab loose tech to bargain with the local mafias/gangs and increase their position in the local hierarchy. When Limon nabs something valuable and is kidnapped, Lila and the rest of the crew must find a creative solution to get him returned in one piece! The three stories presented in this volume read like an origin for upcoming adventures simply because they lay the groundwork and the setting for Lila and Limon’s group to gain an upper hand in the Peruvian underworld. By the final pages, they’ve obtained a favor from a powerful mafioso (Lila’s cleverness), gained special powers (Limon’s dumb luck), and demonstrated a deep understanding of how to traverse Lima without getting caught. I’m intrigued to see how these pieces work to facilitate future stories for the group. I don’t believe any of them were introduced thoughtlessly, and I’m eager to weave all the hints together.

The artwork in Antichucho is warm and dynamic, moving the story throughout the panels. I’m sure I need to go back and just look at each page slowly to find all the tiny details. Even the background characters are unique, and the main cast showcase a variety of looks, body types, and cyberpunk details. The bright, bold colors highlight a world where the kids struggle to survive but also live intensely in the moment.

Gustaffo Vargas’ Anticucho presents a satisfying cyberpunk tale with an original voice that makes it stand out, and the creator’s love for their hometown is evident in each mundane scene. I’ve thought about the material regularly since finishing each story and tried to piece together where Lila and Limon’s group could end up. I even have a few fan theories about some major plot points, but until there are more installments in this universe, I will never know! Pick up a copy of Anticucho today and join the excitement!

5 Cyberpunk Corvids out of 5

Creative Team: Gustaffo Vargas (Creator), Laura Dragon (Colour Flats), Fraser Campbell (English Language Adaptation), Tom Woolnough (English Proof Reading), Gab Contreras (Spanish Proof Reading)
Publisher: Tacu Tinta Press
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