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‘System Error #1:’ Comic Book Review

I’m a sucker for cute robots, but, then again, who isn’t?

In a not-too-distant future London, a robot tour guide named ITTO comes back online when its power core needs to be replaced. Walking out of its storage unit, the little robot finds the entire area overgrown with foliage, buildings falling apart, and wild animals grazing nearby. It quickly discovers its current scans do not match stored data, and there are no humans in sight. It is curious as to why this has occurred, but it does not dissuade it from its mission: find a replacement power core. But our little robot may come across obstacles it never imagined.

ITTO very much represents innocence. And once that innocence is lost, can it ever be regained? As ITTO ventures out into an unfamiliar world, desperately looking for the familiar, one must wonder what it will find or if it will truly understand the beauty and the horror of what it discovers. The visuals tell us all we need to know.

I particularly liked the APP screens which communicated to us what ITTO was thinking and its mission. Pay particular attention to the faded logos, signs, and other remnants of human civilization to give you hints as to what happened before ITTO emerged from storage. The color palette is deceptively simple, giving us a sense of beauty, yet something may lurk in the shadows. Not all of your questions will be answered in this first issue, but it will be enough to want to know more.

I enjoyed this issue very much; however, there is a bit of a data dump at the beginning which I think could have been left out; the rest of the issue gives you enough information without it. I prefer to gradually discover the secrets of a new world. We don’t know what happened to humanity, but we get a sense that, whatever it was, it was fast and deadly. Quite frankly, that’s all we need to know.

This story is about ITTO’s journey to discover what happened and, I assume, eventually find a new purpose.

Creator: Phil Chapman (writer, artist)
Publisher: Blue Fox Comics
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