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‘Lot Lizards:’ Comic Book Review

Buying a used car is never a fun experience, but under Ryan Hyatt’s careful, chilling talents, it takes on a terrifying new dimension.

After fielding a call about a stolen car from a used car lot, Tucson police officers Christopher Thompson and Rita Mendoza quickly deduce that everything is not as it seems at Rick’s Discount Auto team. Starting with the creepy salesman and the staff eager to ignore the theft, they delve deeper and find themselves dealing with dark matters far above their pay-grade.

Based loosely in Hyatt’s ever-growing post-alien-invasion world, he only lightly touches on the kiaskis here, instead letting the threat arise from a more home-grown source. Like Stephen King, Hyatt excels at placing common, ordinary people into extraordinary situations. Add a little danger, shake them up, and see who comes out alive.

And while still keeping his story firmly based in a world we mostly recognize, he moves into a more Lovecraftian tone, showing us things we would prefer not to see, but can’t look away from. This chilling short story starts off smoothly enough but goes deliciously pell-mell into a dark roller-coaster ride that you can’t look away from and will likely stay with you long after reading.

“Oh…. God… oh… goddddd!” she screams.
“All I asked for was a safe and reliable used car!”

VERDICT: Highly recommend

Creative Team: Ryan Hyatt (author)
Publisher: Mindful Entertainment
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Tony Caballero, Fanbase Press Contributor



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