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‘Sherlock Holmes and the Wonderland Conundrum:’ Comic Book Review

In this mash-up of Sherlock Holmes and Alice in Wonderland, Holmes is approached by a Mister March to help him find his lost girl. Believing the girl has probably run away, Holmes tries to brush him off, but, suddenly, a sense of urgency overwhelms him, and he is off in search of her. The usually cool and analytical Holmes becomes obsessed with finding the girl. His pursuit is thwarted again and again by such enigmatic persons like Mr. Chester and Mr. Hat. Nothing can dissuade him from his course, not even Dr. Watson who is convinced his friend is unwell. Will Holmes find the girl? Or is what he’s experiencing all in his head?

This is an interesting and well-written twist on Alice in Wonderland with Sherlock Holmes taking the lead. There are a number of references throughout the story that add to its reading pleasure, especially if you are fan of both stories. I wasn’t quite buying into his sudden change in behavior until I noticed a small, yet important, clue that may have explained his manic shift. It still makes you wonder if Holmes is under the influence of his well-known addiction to cocaine or if it’s something else. My only real quibble is the ending. Although it was slated to be a one-shot, it leaves readers with the expectation that more is to come. I’d love to know more about the Red Queen and what her plan is, even if it’s only in Holmes’ head.

The art is spot on with little bits of color which emphasize the importance of what you’re seeing. I’m not usually a fan of black-and-white comics, but this worked well. Even more fun was the fact that the artist captured the essence of the more iconic Alice in Wonderland characters without being over the top. There really needs to be a full series dedicated to this story. I do hope the writer and artist will consider it.

Creative Team: Chuck Suffel (writer), J. Schiek (artist), Cardinal Rae (letterer)
Publisher: What’cha Reading Press
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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