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‘Firefly: The Fall Guys #1’ – Comic Book Review

The Serenity crew are onto a brand-new adventure. Set after the events of the “Big Damn Finale,” the crew once again finds themselves broke and hungry. When an opportunity that seems too be good to be true presents itself, they can’t help but leap. The usual shenanigans ensue, but this time, with a fatal twist that may just bump the crew up the “Most Wanted” list.

Sam Humphries starts off the new arc with a bang, wasting little time with exposition. After all, these are characters of a well-known and beloved franchise with a dedicated following. The Firefly-isms fly fast and furious, and the plotting is tight, moving very much like a typical episode. With this being an action-paced issue, the usual candidates are front and center, with Captain Frye leading Mal, Zoë, Leonard, and, surprisingly enough, Inara into the fray. Humphries keeps the banter purposeful but without sacrificing the usual wit that one expects from this title. I’m really hoping that the inclusion of Inara in the caper signals that she’ll get quite a bit of development in this arc. It’s an honor that’s long due for the only member of the crew with anything resembling any sort of legal legitimacy.

Jordi Pérez’s artwork is fantastic as usual, with plenty of great expressive panels and details locales. Pérez’s renditions of the characters are both stylized but with a very natural sense of movement and without looking posed. The colors by Francesco Segala and Gloria Martinelli look fantastic here, elevating the linework with a great sense of drama and atmosphere. Rounding up the creative crew, Jim Campbell’s lettering remains top-notch, making the breakneck pacing easy to follow.

Overall, a great start to what looks to be a promising arc. The stakes have been set pretty high, and it’ll be fun to see how our ragtag Big Damn Heroes will scrape through this mess.

Creative Team: Sam Humphries (writer), Jordi Pérez (art), Francesco Segala, Gloria Martinelli (colors), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Wenxian Tan, Fanbase Press Contributor



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