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‘The Oddly Pedestrian Life of Christopher Chaos #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Over the course of the previous two issues, we’ve seen a lot of strange things happening in New Briar City. We’ve met a werewolf and a vampire and seen a pigeon resurrected from the dead by science.

We’ve also become aware of a secret organization that seems to be dedicated to eradicating such abominations from the world—a group of people dressed all in white, but with a very dark agenda. In this issue, we finally get to explore that organization further, including the people behind it and their purpose.

However, while we, the readers, are afforded a rare glimpse inside this clandestine group, Christopher Chaos and his friends remain largely in the dark. Chaos and Jordi (who prefers to be called Dracula Boy) are still caught up in the middle of the mystery of what happened to Hayden, their now-deceased werewolf friend, but they have no idea what they’re up against. They’re joined in this issue by Hayden’s ex-girlfriend, Viveka, who, much like Chaos, Jordi, and Hayden, is also a monster with a dark secret.

Uncovering those dark secrets is the job of Officer Tombs, whom we met last issue. She clearly knows something, but what and how much is anybody’s guess. Whose side is she on? Can she be trusted? It would seem so, at least on the surface, but our heroes aren’t in a position to trust anyone right now, including each other. Even if Officer Tombs only has their best interest at heart, as she claims, you can see why a cop cornering them and asking a lot of questions would raise some red flags, considering what they’ve seen and how fantastical it all sounds.

This issue explores the lore of the world somewhat and provides us with at least a little bit of background for what’s happening in this town and why. I love the up-close look at the evil organization we’ve only seen in glimpses until now. I also love the direction the story and the characters seem to be headed. I have no idea where they’ll end up, but I’m excited to follow them there.

Creative Team: James Tynion IV (idea), Tate Brombal (script), Isaac Goodhart (art), Miquel Muerto (colors), Aditya Bidikar (letters)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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