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Fanbase Press Interviews Andrew Baillie and Kel McDonald on the Launch of Iron Circus Games in Collaboration with Indiepocalypse and Their Backerkit Crowdfunding Campaign

The following is an interview with Indiepocalypse founder Andrew Baillie and Iron Circus Comics editor Kel McDonald regarding the recent launch of Iron Circus Games in collaboration with Indiepocalypse and Iron Circus Comics, as well as the launch of their first shared Backerkit crowdfunding campaign. In this interview, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief Barbra Dillon chats with Baillie and McDonald about the genesis behind the partnership, their crowdfunding campaign for their first-ever multimedia project, and more!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief: Iron Circus Comics is once again breaking new ground in launching Iron Circus Games in collaboration with game creators Indiepocalypse and will soon be crowdfunding their latest multimedia project. Andrew, as the founder of Indiepocalypse, what can you share with us about the genesis behind this incredible partnership, and what are you most excited about with the road ahead?

Andrew Baillie: This partnership started as simply as me emailing Spike and pitching the concept! A lot can be done by not overthinking things too much and reaching out to someone. I had previously partnered with kuš! Comics on a similar project pairing comic artists and game developers. I’ve long been a fan and supporter of Iron Circus Comics, so to be able to work on a collaborative project with them is a dream. I’m very excited that what I thought from my first email would be a one-time collaboration is actually the start of Iron Circus Games!

BD: For the past 4 years, you have been releasing Indiepocalypse as a monthly alternative indie game anthology. Given your experience in the video game space, what can you tell us about the shared creative process in working with Iron Circus and its creators to bring new games to life?

AB: I like seeking outsider approaches when it comes to game development whether that is coming from game developers working outside of usual conventions or artists working in an entirely different medium. The artists with Iron Circus are no strangers to the creative process, but are (mostly) new to game development. But this is a collaborative process and not just an artist making art for a developer’s game or a developer building a game to an artist’s wishes. These games are shared creative experiences unique to a combination of artist and developer that are working together to make them.

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BD: Kel, as a longtime editor with Iron Circus, as well as a creator for the Iron Circus Games project, what has been your experience in delving into the creative process for the video game medium?

Kel McDonald: The game I worked on, I actually focused more on the art side of things. After Ren and I came up with the basic premise, I got to work drawing all the assets for Teething. We kinda took the approach of Ren making the first draft, I’d tweak it. And then as I drew I’d run ideas by Ren.

BD: Are there any creators or stories from the upcoming video game bundle that you’re able to share with readers?

KM: Spellbound by Robin and Elfluff is an especially charming murder mystery puzzle. Fantasy fans will be instantly drawn to Jess M. and Farbs’ Taleteller. And for something odder and more surreal, folks will be drawn to Evan Dahm and exodrifters’ Voluntary Commitment.

BD: Outside of your work with Iron Circus Games, are there any other projects on which you are working that you’re able to highlight for readers?

AB: The obvious one is the titular Indiepocalypse, a monthly anthology collecting together games from developers working independently outside the conventions of mainstream AAA and indie game design. I also run the PIZZA PRANKS Video Game Tape Club, a curated monthly physical release of indie games using a unique cassette case format and the Tape Market, an open consignment shop for indie developers using that same cassette case format. Both of those can be found at and respectively.

KM: When I’m not editing for Iron Circus, I’m working on my webcomic series, The City Between, which is about werewolves in a futuristic city. It’s free to read at

BD: Lastly, what is the best way for our readers to find out more about the Iron Circus Games crowdfunding campaign, as well as the work of Iron Circus Comics and Indiepocalypse?

AB: You can find the crowdfunding campaign here and you can always find Indiepocalypse at!

Barbra Dillon, Fanbase Press Editor-in-Chief




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