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Geeky Parent Guide: A 2023 Retrospective

2023: It felt like another long year despite going by so quickly. Recent years have presented such stark realities with the world we live in that finding good moments to shine a light on has sometimes felt fleeting. My wife and two kids are a very big part of those positive moments. They remind me to hope for a better tomorrow, while also making me stay present within each precious moment we have together.

The year has gone by quickly, and my kids turned 9 and 11 this year. Where in the world has time gone? Not only have my kids grown up faster than I’d like, their independence and personalities have led me to (continue to) believe they are the greatest things on this planet. As a (geeky) parent, watching them be silly with funny facial expressions or unique dance moves, it’s a wonder I ever feel anything less than wonderful.

But, there have been ups and there have been downs. I’ve minimized my time on social media this past year (or two), partly because I haven’t been sure of what to say, and partly because when I thought of saying or sharing something, I immediately felt like it wasn’t worth it or wondered if anyone would care. As a writer, I don’t always feel confident day in and day out which I believe many can relate to.

In the back of my mind, I know I might be decent at what I do, but there are many days where self-doubt, and believing that soon many will realize how awful I am at my craft, just overloads my headspace. There are other personal factors that occupied my headspace for a good part of this year, as well, but, sometimes, sharing isn’t always my greatest strength, so I’ll just leave it at that.

Now, if I were to look at the Geeky Parent Guide (GPG), I have to credit Barbra Dillon for crafting the format to this year’s GPG. Building a template and game planning some lists and reviews were a great way to streamline this year’s content and made it equally enjoyable to produce said content.

The goal of the GPG has always been this hopeful notion of creating a space where parents and their kiddos can talk to each other about the geeky things they love; share some of those important moments; have fun together. And, maybe with that shared communication, maybe it would help provide a gateway to talk about more challenging subjects as the years went by.

It’s one of the reasons why I love fictional stories. They can provide such important life lessons while also just being incredibly entertaining. Perhaps that’s why I have always wanted to be a writer: to give someone else that joy – or just the ability to turn off their brain (like I do) and fall into a fictional world – to where all that matters is that story, whether it be a book, comic, TV show, or movie.

Fiction tells more than stories; it connects us to the real world. Whether we relate to a single line in a script or even a song, we can find purposeful meaning in these stories we love and strength from characters when we feel like we have none of our own. We can discover a necessary emotional relief when we didn’t know we needed one. Or find the best kind of joy at the incredible humorous lines or facial reactions in one of the best shows of all time. (Yes, I did rewatch Fringe again this year.)

Perhaps I’m a bit all over the place with this retrospective, and you might be wondering, “What is he actually saying?” I’m saying that it’s been a good year and it’s been a tough year. It can be both, and, at times, it was hard to tell when tough would turn to good. I’m also saying to keep loving what you love. Love who you love. Dive into fictional tales, either by yourself or with someone you want to share those powerful moments with.

If you love comic books (like me), great! If you want to rewatch a show for the 100th time (like me), equally great! If you want to continue pursuing your career of writing fiction (like me), go for it! If your kid enjoys your time (like me), spend every moment you can with them. If you don’t have the energy for a game or to go play outside, sit in the same room together. Play some music, put on a YouTube travel video, read; just occupying the same space will be a good feeling – and I have needed every second of that this year.

If you’ve had a good year, I hope it continues to be good. If you have had a tough year, I hope it gets better. I hope my work with the Geeky Parent Guide – and this post in particular – has made you feel not so alone. And, perhaps, this is a way for me to share and not feel so alone, as well.

I hope for everyone to have a wonderful upcoming year. Until next time, friends, happy parenting and happy geeking.

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S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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