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Geeky Parent Guide: 8 Standout Moments from ‘Ahsoka’

Ahsoka season 1 wrapped up its final episode in October which has given fans (like me) plenty of time to marinate on all of its geeky goodness. Yes, the show highlights my all-time favorite character in Ahsoka Tano; no, it does not fall short with its supporting cast. Ahsoka does so much more than provide interesting stories and wonderful fights scenes; the creators behind the show, followed by excellent performances from the cast, provide depth to characters we have loved for ages, while giving space for newer characters to shine, as well.

Ahsoka includes eight episodes with each one ranging from approximately 35 minutes to an hour. The variation in time provides a surprise if you’re not tracking timestamps while watching, giving a sense of longing for more when an episode ends. Ahsoka is rated TV-14, so parents will have to judge their younger kids’ tolerance for explosions, blaster fire, and being impaled with a lightsaber.

Now, let’s take a look at moments that stand out from each episode. If you have yet to watch Ahsoka or the animated series Rebels, please consider this your SPOILER WARNING for both.

ahsoka sabine hologram

Sabine Wren’s Familiar Home

After blowing off ceremonial duties in episode 1 and escaping her escort to said ceremony, fans watch Sabine head to a very familiar tower in the distance. She opens her friend Ezra’s old home to see an adorable Loth-Cat waiting for her. With her Mandalorian gear underneath a table and her artwork all over the walls, it’s clear that Sabine has taken refuge in her friend’s home – and made it her own.

Sabine (played by Natasha Liu Bordizzo) sits there and listens to a message Ezra made for her before he disappeared long ago. It’s clear she watches this holographic message often. Not only that, but this longing to see her friend again plays a big part in her decision-making later in the series. This sequence does not involve any fighting. There aren’t any Jedi mind tricks. The impact comes from the feelings you get as you watch Sabine hold onto something that’s not there anymore, knowing she wants that connection again so badly.

ahsoka ep2

Recreating Rebels

Episode 2 of Ahsoka was able to bring glorious nostalgic feelings as it recreated the final scene of Star Wars Rebels. Much like in that episode, “Family Reunion – and Farewell,” Sabine approaches a mural on a wall, with the entire “rebel” family included. She touches the wall, specifically on Ezra’s face, and listens as Ahsoka approaches in the background.

“Ezra’s out there somewhere. And it’s time to bring him home.” Sabine’s words are the last of a great TV series, so seeing this scene play out in live-action reminds fans how dedicated she is to finding her friend. There’s such an emotional pull with this scene, and, frankly, with the entire series. If you’re a fan of Rebels, a good portion of Ahsoka gives you that wonderful feeling of watching one of your favorite shows again.

This moment not only delivers a wonderful callback, it amplifies what’s at stake within the series. Yes, there are “bad guys” who do bad things in their efforts to rule the galaxy. But there’s also this intertwined message of wanting something more, of wanting to try again, and to simply want your friend back. It’s incredibly powerful and well done.

Ahsoka ep3 training

Ahsoka’s Training

Ahsoka (played by Rosario Dawson) asks Sabine to train with a mask over her face, which makes it impossible for her to see. Ahsoka pushes Sabine to train this way. She wants her prepared to use more than her sight; she wants Sabine ready to adapt and feel others around her. Perhaps this sequence is the opening she needs for potential Force use later in the series. (Spoiler alert.) Ahsoka walks around her, guiding with her voice, and ultimately wants Sabine to learn to do things she’s never done before.

“I want you to see with more than just your eyes…Be still. Listen to my voice…Feel my presence. Take in all that is around you. Follow my voice. Sense my intention.”

This moment is slow, methodical, and its purpose gives meaning to how Ahsoka approaches things – and how Sabine must break from whatever rigid structure she believes will work. On top of that, Huyang (voiced by David Tennant) provides a wonderful comedic moment as he bluntly states the obvious about her Padawan capabilities before they begin. By the end, Sabine is tripped onto the ground, and Ahsoka reminds her how anger and frustration cause imbalance and that they will “go again,” repeating the exercise. It’s a well-orchestrated scene, and it’s a fantastic start to episode 3.

ahsoka ep4 mightyfall

A Mighty Fall

There are several fight sequences leading up to Ahsoka’s duel with Lord Baylan (played by the late Ray Stevenson), but this particular event provides a meaningful moment for several characters. During the fight with Baylan, his apprentice Shin (played by Ivanna Sakhno) reappears after a fight with Sabine. There’s a moment of pain from Ahsoka that’s vivid, believing she’s been killed, and the relief on her face when Sabine appears seconds later is palpable.

The bond between these two was clearly fractured leading into the series’ premiere, but this moment highlights how much Sabine means to her. Obviously, she’s within the midst of a battle and cannot convey more, especially as she tells her to destroy the map to prevent Thrawn’s return, but it is impactful and leads to tragedy when Baylan knocks her off the high cliff and into the waters.

It’s also important to recognize Ahsoka as many superheroes are: imperfect. Injured and backed into a corner, she was unable to prevent Baylan’s strike from sending her over the edge. In a galaxy full of super powerful beings, some might fall – even our heroes.

ahsoka ep4 redemption

Anakin and Jacen

Episode 5, “Shadow Warrior,” highlights Hayden Christiansen as Anakin and Evan Whitten as Jacen. We see Ahsoka face to face with Anakin on a plain amongst stars as he offers guidance to save her life. Although nothing absolves the vicious monstrosities of Darth Vader, it doesn’t mean people’s choices will always lead to harmful actions. Anakin wants nothing more than to help Ahsoka survive, but there’s more to it. He wants her to avoid the same vengeful mistakes he made which led to losing sight of the good he could create rather than the destruction he demanded.

On top of seeing Anakin flash back through fight sequences once seen in The Clone Wars animated series, we watch Ahsoka flash back to a younger version. Fans get to relive scenes and understand the pains caused by those wars – and Anakin hopes to not erase those burdens, but to find a way to move on and live with what’s been done. Sometimes, life prevents negative circumstances that weigh heavily on a person’s mind, and even if those thoughts linger, a person can choose to move forward and hope for a better tomorrow.

Jacen is that tomorrow. He’s the child of General Hera Syndulla (played by Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and Jedi Knight Kanan Jarrus who sacrificed himself in the latter part of the fourth and final season of Rebels. Jacen sits near the edge of the cliff where Ahsoka fell and he hears something in the distance. “There’s something about the water.” He can “feel” something. Then, he asks his mom to listen to the lightsabers, and the viewers begin to hear the same thing.

This moment gives us insight into Jacen’s abilities, which means the potential for more stories in the future is brimming with possibilities. Plus, taking the time to produce a scene where characters (and viewers) have to stop and just listen; it’s a wonderful reminder how simple it can be to notice things when we take the time to slow down and pay attention. “Jacen, good work.”

ahsoka ep6 ezra

A Far Way from Home

“I knew I could count on you.” As Ezra Bridger leans against a portable home on a planet “far, far away,” he makes his first live-action appearance with Eman Esfandi playing the role. His expression, unsure confidence, and playful banter with Sabine is like they never parted ways. And their embrace explains the true nature of family.

Family doesn’t have to be bound by blood. The people trusted most in this world can be those we call friends, and in that bond of friendship, a new family is born. This scene takes that earlier one with Sabine looking at Ezra’s hologram and magnifies it even more. The happiness is exuberant and sincere, making her choice to not destroy the map understandable. She’s been waiting for this moment since the day Ezra saved her and the rebel crew in the Rebels series finale. Despite the potential cost of having Thrawn return – because he is the worst! – this reunion is what’s important; plus, finding a way to get him home.

ahsoka ep7 c3po

“Mere droid”

Simple words can be harmful. They can be extremely hurtful, and that hurt doesn’t always heal with the passage of time. As Hera is about to be stripped of her title as General, C-3PO (voiced by Anthony Daniels) comes in to save the day. Although his appearance is objected by Senator Xiono (played by Nelson Lee), it’s his comment that reminds viewers of this disparaging nature felt towards droids in the Star Wars universe.

“This is preposterous. The court cannot admit evidence of this kind from a mere droid.”

Much like C-3PO and R2-D2 being shunned in A New Hope, this talk from Senator Xiono is all too familiar. Fortunately, fans get disgruntled sounds from Chopper, and we all agree with his displeasure. Moments like this, where viewers witness someone dismissing another because of who they are, are important. Whether in fiction or the real world, these moments have weight, because no one ever wants to feel less. No one wants their worth questioned by anyone, but it’s important to highlight it so we understand it and hopefully prevent it from happening again.

ahsoka ep8 notalone

Teachable Moments

The entire Ahsoka series has meaningful moments, but the season finale leads to several significant conversations. Huyang is quite insightful throughout the show, and his conversation with Ezra is no different. After learning that Ezra’s master Jarrus was taught by Huyang, he asked how old he is. “Old enough to know that the relationship between a master and an apprentice is as challenging as it is meaningful.”

As a master, teacher, or parent, we want our kids to learn so many things: right from wrong, being safe when crossing the street, or learning how to swing a baseball bat (or lightsaber). Most tasks require practice, and it’s sometimes easy to forget those we’re teaching are learning to have patience, too. And as someone learning something new, perhaps they want it now and don’t realize the payoff that will come with continued practice. It might seem arbitrary to take so much from a simple line in a TV show, but that’s what makes stories matter.

Stories can be helpful to see the good and the bad; to be patient and dedicated; to show compassion rather than spitefulness; to “trust the Force” rather than simply using a lightsaber. Ahsoka and Sabine’s relationship evolves throughout the series, and it comes full circle in one episode. Ahsoka says, “That’s why no matter what happens next, I’m going to be there for you.” It is an incredible admission of commitment to Sabine – and when Ahsoka is alone later in the episode – we understand how much that meant to her.

As Ahsoka fights Morgan Elsbeth (played by Diana Lee Inosanto), she’s surrounded by troopers and Morgan mocks her: “Your friends are dead. And you will die here. Alone.” The silence broken by Sabine’s voice is emotionally charged and unforgettable. No, Morgan, she’s “not alone.”

Ahsoka is full of wonderful sequences, where characters give heartwarming confessions and fight scenes are choreographed beautifully. So, it is difficult to pick out one favorite from each episode. And, if you need a deep dive into my reactions after seeing Sabine Wren use the Force, well, just head over to my tweet about it.

But what moments stand out for you? What did you love about Ahsoka? Don’t forget to share your thoughts with the GPG online, and if you like content like this, please like this article when you see it and follow Fanbase Press for more geeky goodness.

Until next time, happy parenting and happy geeking.

S.T. Lakata, Fanbase Press Senior Contributor



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