Scarlet Spider 1By Kristine Chester, Guest Contributor to Fanboy Comics


The original Scarlet Spider died 15 years ago, but now, following the events of Spider-Island, Kaine has taken up the mantle of his “brother,” but he still has a long way to go to understand the motto of their family: that with great power comes great responsibility.





WomanthologyWomanthology is many things: an inspiration, a call-to-arms, a beautiful work of art. Womanthology will be a book talked about for years to come, and if the world is a just place, it will be a book that will change the comics industry forever. But, above and beyond everything that Womanthology could become for women in the comic industry, there is one thing very important to know about Womanthology: it is just really damn good. 


Swamp Thing 6Fanboy Comics Contributor Jason Enright brings you his top comic book picks for the week.

Swamp Thing #6
By Scott Snyder and Marco Rudy

The epic return of Alec Holland to the DC universe continues. Last issue, we saw Alec call on the Swamp Thing and unleash its power. This week the Rot responds, and neither Alec nor Abigail will ever be the same again. This is a great slow burn series, and even though some people are disappointed that Swamp Thing rarely makes his presence known in his own book, it will just make it all the sweeter when he finally shows up to destroy the Rot. The only gripe with this issue is that the beautiful artwork of the regular series' artist, Yanick Paquette, has been replaced by reasonable substitute Marco Rudy. No offense to Marco’s art, which is strong in this issue, but Yanick has really made this book his own.

ReedGuntherFanboy Comics' newest contributor, Jason Enright (@jasonenright), shares his thoughts on the new Reed Gunther trade paperback!

All Ages books are hard to come by these days. It's even harder to find a book that kids will love, but that adults will find equally entertaining. Luckily, Reed Gunther and his trusty bear Sterling are here to save the day. Shane and Chris Houghton spin the tale of a loudmouthed cowboy, his loyal and much smarter mount Sterling the bear, and Starla, a machete-wielding cattle rancher with anger management issues. Reed thinks of himself as a problem solver, but he may really be more of a problem maker. But, Reed is the kind of guy who doesn't give up, no matter what, and normally Sterling and Starla can get him out of a bind. 

The 36 2The story behind the comic book The 36 is based on the Kabbalistic belief that there are 36 people in the world upon whom it is saved by their simple existence. As the book states, “In times of need, these people emerge from anonymity to save us.”


With the first issue of The 36, creator Kristopher White set the tone for an epic adventure steeped in an ancient mythology. In Issue #2, White and artist George Zapata are not content to tread water, expanding the story and the relationships of the increasingly charismatic cast of characters!


Angel  Faith 6The second arc of Dark Horse’s Angel & Faith series starts this week with Issue #6, written by Christos Gage and with art by Rebekah Isaacs, and your friendly, neighborhood Comic Book Slayer has staked out a full review for his Scooby gang! I’m proud to report that both Gage and Isaacs are at full force in this issue, as the Angel & Faith series continues to jockey with Buffy: Season 9 for the title of best Whedon comic of 2012!



The 36 coverThe story behind the comic book The 36 is based on the Kabbalistic belief that there are 36 people in the world upon whom it is saved by their simple existence. As the book states, “In times of need, these people emerge from anonymity to save us.”

Kristopher White, creator and writer of The 36, has crafted a story that captures the epic quality of popular shows like LOST and Heroes, while still delivering an original and fresh concept. That’s right, comic book sniffers! The best new show you’re not watching is a comic book, and it’s called The 36!


Buffy S9I5Buffy: Season 9 #5 is a big one, kiddies! Writer Andrew Chambliss continues to deliver this month, along with the return of Karl Moline’s (Fray) pencils! We have familiar faces reappearing, the departure of major character, and a stunning ending to the issue that will most likely change everything for our favorite blonde slayer!


BatgirlBy Kristine Chester, Guest Contributor to Fanboy Comics

Amidst all their new DC 52 coverage, Paul Montgomery and David Accampo of the Fuzzy Typewriter podcast spoke of the unsinkable Stephanie Brown and how much they enjoyed her tenure as Batgirl.  At the time, I was gobbling up some of the older DC titles and gave Batgirl a try, based on Paul and Dave's recommendation.  Now I understand why they spoke so highly of the series.  I thoroughly enjoyed every issue of Bryan Q. Miller's Batgirl and now count it as one of my favorite comic series to date.


DnDBy Kristine Chester, Guest Contributor to Fanboy Comics


When you hear the words “Dungeons & Dragons” and “comic” together in a sentence, it probably conjures images of generic fantasy comic X or maybe the all-so-cheesy 1980s D&D cartoon in comic form, neither of which is correct.  That's not to say Dungeons & Dragons isn't silly at times.  Zombie orphans, orc kissing, and many really bad plans are all in this comic, but the writer, John Rogers, manages to make these scenes endearing and funny instead of groan worthy.

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