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‘System Error #5:’ Comic Book Review

Speedy and ITTO have settled in well at the compound with JP and the other robot units. With its new upgrades, ITTO can now speak to JP and a fellow ITTO unit who has been programmed. JP’s plan is to send his current ITTO unit to find a human group he believes might still be alive, but his plans are short-circuited when the hostile robots attack the compound. The fighting is fierce as the robots destroy JP’s ITTO unit and Speedy dies protecting ITTO. But that’s not the worst of it. ITTO finds out that not only is JP dying, but he’s a robot, as well. His last instructions: Find people in need.

Since ITTO is now fully upgraded, which means it has combat and survival skills, it heads out on a search, still dismayed that JP didn’t tell it the truth about himself. The journey is long as it walks through abandoned fields and cities to it first destination – Sunny Days Solar Farm. It arrives to find the power on but proceeds with caution. It sneaks in only to discover it has been overrun by hostile robots. ITTO tries to leave without anyone noticing but fails. Now, it’s confronted by its worst nightmare: JP’s ITTO unit has been reprogrammed and is willing to fight to the death. Will ITTO survive or is this the end of its mission?

I’m enjoying the journey of this lonely little bot who tries desperately to do the right thing and feels for its fellow robots. Each of its steps out into the world demonstrates the devastation and the decay that have occurred. There is a subtle sense of time passing as it marches through fallen autumn leaves. Though this is a sad issue, it has just the right balance of exposition and action. ITTO, as a character, is a good example of empathetic decision making. Even though it may not want to harm a fellow bot, it will do whatever is necessary to survive.

Creative Team: Phil Chapman (writer/artist)
Publisher: Blue Fox Comics
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Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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