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‘Aliens: Defiance #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

It is not evil, it is not chaos – it is nature hardened, a blade sharpened. It does what it does with an intent to survive, to perfect itself. We just happen to be lower on the food chain. It is advanced beyond our power, because there is no reasoning with it, no bribing it, no impressing it. It simply does what it does, over and over and over again, and it does it better than most anything else. No, I’m not talking about the awesome Xenomorph. I’m talking Brian Wood, the writer of at least one fourth of the books on the comic book shelf right now – the others belonging to probably Jeff Lemire, Jason Aaron, and Brian Michael Bendis. Brian Wood adds to his staggering amount of output with Aliens: Defiance #1.

Aliens: Defiance puts our hero, Private First Class Zula Hendricks (Yes, a Colonial Marine – I love Colonial Marines.) in a unique situation. She is sent on a mission for Weyland-Yutani (Wait for it . . . ), but not with one artificial intelligence on flight, but with an entire security detail of artificial intelligence – and no one or nothing else.

Considering Alien canon, this could either go very well for Zula or very, very wrong when they come into contact with the Xenomorph. My guess is Wood knows this and smartly plays off of the reader’s expectations, and the result opens up a world of possibilities as to what’s going to happen next.

Tristan Jones (on art) and Dan Jackson (on colors) make the Xenomporh pop off the page in all its menacing glory. The team knows how to create the perfect visual, filmic palette to play within to bring us fully into the world of Alien.

I’m always excited to dig into a new story involving the Xenomorph and doubly so when it’s this good.

Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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