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Ep. #042 The Fanboy Scoop – Week In Review

lizard eceCovering the week of 11/28/2011, the Fanboy Comics staff reviews the top geek stories from the popular, daily e-newsletter, The Fanboy Scoop.


In this episode, we discuss the first look at The Amazing Spider-Man‘s Lizard, Mark Millar’s declaration to avoid digital comics, the reality of Watchmen 2, the leaked trailer for Prometheus, and Peter David’s Fan/Pro Bill of Rights!


SPECIAL NOTE: The last episode of The Fanboy Scoop – Week In Review: Season 1 will be released on Monday, December 19th!  The FBC staff will return for Season 2 on January 23, 2012!


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Cast members: Bryant Dillon, Barbra Dillon, Drew Siragusa, and Sam Rhodes

Featuring the song “The Ballad of Russell and Juliefrom John Barrowman, David Tennant, and Catherine Tate


Featured stories:

1. Mark Millar Tells Readers “Don’t Buy Digital”!!!

2. Your First Look At The Lizard From “The Amazing Spider-Man” (As A Pez Dispenser)!!!

3. “The Amazing Spider-Man” Has Show Us His Lizard!!!

4. Andy Kubert To Draw “Watchman 2”!!!

5. 100% True* “Watchman 2” Information Has Been Discovered On Twitter!!!

6. Those New “Watchmen” Comics Are Coming Whether We Want Them Or Not!!!

7. “Watchmen 2” Is Maybe Possibly Happening Some Day!!!

8. “Watchmen 2” – Nite Owl, The Comedian And More!!!

9. “Prometheus” Trailer Leaks, Watch NOW!!!

10. Possible “Prometheus” Synopsis Arrives!!! SPOILERS!!!

11. ‘Leaked’ “Prometheus” Synopsis Is An Old Fake!!!

12. “Prometheus” – High Resolution Images!!!

13. Fox CEO Tom Rothman: “Prometheus” Is 95% Original And 5% “Alien” Prequel!!!

14. Peter David Launches The Fan/Pro Bill Of Rights!!!

15. Peter David Pens A Comic Book Bill Of Rights!!!

16. Peter David’s “Fan/Pro Bill Of Rights” For Comic Book Conventions!!!



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