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Fanbase Feature: 30th Anniversary Retrospective on ‘The Fugitive’ (1993)

As a special feature of The Fanbase Weekly podcast, the Fanbase Feature focuses on and celebrates a specific element of geek culture.

In this Fanbase Feature, The Fanbase Weekly co-host Bryant Dillon and special guest Paul Pakler (co-host – Paul and Corey Cross the Streams, Quality Time with Family Ties) participate in a thorough discussion regarding The Fugitive (1993) in light of the film’s 30th anniversary, with topics including the chemistry between lead actors Harrison Ford and Tommy Lee Jones, which conversations the film promotes in regards to the wrongly convicted in the United States, the film’s depiction of law enforcement, and more. (Beware: SPOILERS for The Fugitive abound in this panel discussion!)

Cast members
: Paul Pakler (co-host – Paul and Corey Cross the Streams, Quality Time with Family Ties) and Bryant Dillon (Fanbase Press President, The Fanbase Weekly co-host, writer – Something Animal, Identity Thief)

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