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Holiday Gift Guide 2013: DVDs and Blu-Rays

Geeks have been blessed with a lot of good television and movies over the years, and it can be difficult to sift through them all to find the perfect holiday gift. Fanboy Comics is here to help with the best recommendations in television, movies, anime, and even a few guilty pleasure holiday horror films in case you’re in the mood for some bloody carnage in between the adventures of space bounty hunters, a high school teacher turned drug lord, and a Whedon-y Shakespeare adaptation.
     – Kristine Chester

Breaking Bad 149Breaking Bad The Complete Series Blu-ray
Recommended by Jodi Scaife

The series finale of Breaking Bad has left fans moaning that nothing else can quite match the stellar writing and tense scenarios, but never fear! A 16-Blu-ray-disc collector’s box set is now available, so we can relive Walter White’s adventures again and again. Besides high quality versions of the pathos, passion, drama, and meth, the box set includes great extras, such as a replica money barrel to hold the discs, a Los Pollos Hermanos apron, a 16-page booklet with show info, a letter from Vince Gilligan, and much more!

This fabulous box set retails for $299.99, so it’s someone’s big gift for the holidays this year; however, try searching online for deals on this amazing package.

Much Ado d4bMuch Ado About Nothing (2012)
Recommended by Steven W. Alloway

This film was Joss Whedon’s vacation from The Avengers, shot at his house with his friends as the cast. Of course, it helps that his house is a gorgeous estate in Santa Monica, and his friends include Nathan Fillion, Clark Gregg, and Amy Acker. A great gift for any Whedonite on your list (including yourself), it’s a beautiful, sharp, funny film that proves Shakespeare is as relevant today as 500 years ago—in the right hands. The DVD is packed with extras, including two commentary tracks, featurettes, and a music video for that hauntingly beautiful version of “Sigh No More.”


*Classic Anime Series

FLCL 4e5FLCL: The Complete Series Blu-ray
Recommended by Max W. Beaulieu

“In a small, Japanese town where nothing ever happens, the son of a crazed baker is the victim of a hit-and-run accident that changes his life forever.”

FLCL is an animated classic that should not have been. Part animation test, part music video for the Acclaimed J-rock band The Pillows, the project is hard to nail down; however, with high quality animation, great English dubbing, a crazy fast pace, and the near-perfect encapsulation of youthful angst, FLCL is one of those animated series that you keep coming back to. Perfect for the budding otaku or the casual fan.

Cowboy Bebop dccCowboy Bebop Remix: The Complete Collection (Anime Legends) DVD
Recommended by Max W. Beaulieu

“Dogged by their collective pasts, four space vigilantes hunt the scum of the solar system.”

Blade Runner meets Firefly in anime form, Cowboy Bebop leaks noir. This isn’t a show for those who can’t deal with a little ambiguity, as while much of the story can be inferred from the series, huge holes are left in the details. This artificial vacuum of details combined with a frantic, jazzy score lends itself to simple animations and loosely connected episodes. Fans of sci-fi, noir, and anime will find this series to their liking.

*Guilty Pleasure Movies

Santas Slay 1 503ThanksKilling & Santa’s Slay
Recommended by Simply Jack

So my favorite thing to do when surrounded by loved ones, family, and friends is to shut the door and watch movies.  During the holidays, I tend to like movies where everyone dies.  This makes me happy.  You may be reading this and judging, but down deep, you know you feel the same way.  With that in mind, I have two recommendations as gifts for others or “selfie” gifts.  They’re going to make the holidays more bearable.


1)      ThanksKilling: This is the first of a trilogy, yes – but the first is all you need to know about. Simply put, a cursed turkey starts killing off (and molesting) college coeds.  Its tagline is, “Gobble, gobble, motherf#%@er!” (That’s accurate; I didn’t change any characters.) 

2)      Santa’s Slay: Turns out that Santa is really the spawn of the devil who lost a bet with an elf/angel.  He has to be nice for 1000 years.  This year is one-thousand and one.  James Caan, Fran Drescher, Chris Kattan, and Rebecca Gayheart are all in it.

I was supposed to keep this short, so I’m done.  Happy F-ing Holidays.




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