I love the world of Avatar: the Last Airbender and equally so I adore The Legend of Korra. Not only over the course of four seasons did it give us a female avatar in Korra that was complex and heroic, who showed growth and nuance, but it also ended up being a big win for the LGBTQ community, giving us a hero that was gay. It was such a success that it was almost impossible to find Part One of Turf Wars on the shelves a day after its release. I tried - five different local comic stores.

“Lovecraft meets Lethal Weapon!” is the tagline Dark Horse is using to describe their newest original series, Vinegar Teeth. Written by Damon Gentry (Sabertooth Swordsman), with artist Troy Nixey (Jenny Finn) and colorist Guy Major (Robin, Green Arrow), Vinegar Teeth is an interesting amalgam of buddy cop police procedural, Lovecraftian cosmic horror, and carnivalesque humor, and thus the succinct tag line.

When we last saw our hero, Jupiter Jet, she was stealing from the rich to care for her neighbors, trying to avoid a bruising from Bruno after missing payment on rent, and saving her brother, Chuck, after his recent test flight resulted in the two of them falling from the roof. Fortunately, Jupiter Jet, also known as Jacky, was wearing a dress that turns into a parachute. And fortunately for Chuck, Jacky doesn’t hesitate to jump off the roof to save her brother.

Well, we made it.  2018.  Another year of comic books are on the shelves, and we even ended the year with another Star Wars movie for our collections.  

I've long been a fan of the Mass Effect franchise, and the tie-ins that have been released have been yet to disappoint. With the release of what is being predicted as the last Mass Effect game, Andromeda, Dark Horse published Mass Effect: Discovery, a story set before the events of the game that focuses on the early goings of the Andromeda Initiative, a galactic exploration program set to find new worlds to colonize beyond the Milky Way Galaxy. With many suspicious of the inner workings of the Initiative, the Turian government sends in one of their own, Tiran Kandros, as an undercover agent to find out if their suspicions are correct.

Issue #6 of Cullen Bunn, Brian Hurtt, and Bill Crabtree’s The Damned saw Eddie kill himself, so he could go into the afterlife to find his dead mother. Watching over his dead body is his brother, Morgan. Morgan is watching over Eddie’s corpse, because a bunch of gangster demons want Eddie. Eddie is cursed - or gifted, depending on your point of view, for when anyone touches his dead body, that person dies and Eddie comes back to life. 1920s gangsters, demons, curses, and the afterlife.

If you are looking for a good gangster story, then The Legend of Pinky is your book.  Written and illustrated by Craig Johnson II, the comic follows mobster “Pinky” Horwitz’s life of crime in New York City during the 1920s.

Knight in the Snake Pit #1 is a chilling comic that tells the beginning of the story of Allister Ward, a man who wakes up in an asylum with no memories and no concept of why he’s there. Madness is the only constant in Allister’s life, and the text follows him as he moves between a confusing, maddening reality and paranoid episodes with narrative coherence and structure far beyond what he experiences otherwise.

Imagine in the near future, a world in which technology has been developed that will end death and suffering through loss. Getting there, though, will cost the lives of 30 million people, raising philosophical questions regarding mortality and heated religious debates accusing corporations of playing god. This is the setting of The Resurrected, the first comic book series from a new independent publishing company, Carnouche Productions.

Action, action, action. That is what the final installment of The Lost Fleet: Corsair from Titan Comics is all about.

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