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The Sequels

The Sequels

In the height of 1980s nostalgia, The Sequels dares to question whether our grasp on the past is endangering our future.

Remember the ‘80s? Avery, Gwen, Russell, and Dakota will never forget. As children, they each experienced unique adventures . . . saving the life of a sentient robot, partying with an intergalactic alien, battling the likes of vampires and werewolves, and defeating a nightmarish monster to protect imagination itself. Now, 30 years later, they’re directionless adults, still obsessed with their pasts. When a mysterious figure brings the group together to cope with their experiences, will they be prepared to live out the “sequels” to their childhood adventures?

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Written by: Norm Harper (Eisner Award-nominated Rikki, The Naughty List)
Illustrated and Colored by: Val Halvorson and Bobby Timony (The Night Owls, The Simpsons)
Flatted by
: Deanna Poppe
Lettered by: Oceano Ransford (A Geek’s Guide to Cross-Stitch, Eisner Award-nominated Rikki)
Covers by: Don Aguillo (Rise, Winter, Rise, Winter, Isugid Pinoy!)
Foreword by: Andre Gower (The Monster Squad, Wolfman’s Got Nards – A Documentary)

Genres: Fantasy, Action/Adventure
Audience: 17 and up
Printed Trade Paperback Price: $19.99

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