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Outstanding Young Latinx Comics Creators

Outstanding Young Latinx Comics Creators | 2022 Submissions

The Outstanding Young Latinx Comics Creators (OYLCC) is a digital comic book anthology to highlight the works of emerging Latinx comic book creators and help pave the way for up-and-coming sequential artists.  The anthology welcomes original comic book content – ranging from cartoons and comic strips to comic book short stories – from young Latinx creators who are seeking to make their mark.  

The Outstanding Young Latinx Comics Creators anthology is welcoming of all individuals and groups, with mindfulness towards making publishing more equitable for folx whose identities reflect disabilities, learning styles, lived experiences, race/ethnicity, age, class, gender, sexual orientation, and country of origin, as well as cultural, political, religious, and other affiliations.  Accommodations are available for any creators requiring assistance with the submission process.  Please contact OYLCCanthology (at) gmail (dot) com for assistance.

The deadline for submissions for the 2022 edition is May 1, 2022.  There is no submission fee required for submitting your comic for consideration.  

Creators will be notified in July 2022 if their submission has been accepted for inclusion in the 2022 OYLCC edition.

The 2022 OYLCC anthology will be published by Fanbase Press – in association with Eisner Award-winning writer/professor Frederick Luis Aldama (Jacob & Frances Sanger Mossiker Chair in the Humanities at UT Austin) and Emmy Award-winning writer/producer/director Peter Murrieta [Wizards of Waverly Place (Disney Channel), Mr. Iglesias (Netflix), Rafael Garcia: Henchman (comic book with Starburns)] to various digital platforms, including Hoopla, Comics Plus, and Kindle, in January 2023.

Please review the below submission guidelines and complete this submission form to have your comic considered for inclusion in the 2022 anthology.


1) All comic creators submitting their work must be between the ages of 18-30 years old.  

2) The creators submitting their work must themselves be of Latinx descent.  We welcome submissions from creators with all Latinx backgrounds and cultural heritages. This includes creators who self-identify as Latinx or Latine, as well as those who challenge these terms or prefer to self-identify with other community-specific terms.”  For a creative team submitting their work, at least one of the creators must be of Latinx descent.

3) The creators submitting their work must not have previously had a full comic book published.  Creators who have self-published or had work published in prior anthologies are welcome to submit their work for consideration, so long as the comic(s) that they are submitting to this anthology are original and unpublished.  

4) The submitted comics must be original work by the creator and not previously published.  

5) If accepted to the anthology:
     *the submitted comics may not be republished in another anthology or work for the period of one year following their initial publication in the Outstanding Young Latinx Comic Creators anthology;
     *no financial compensation will be provided to creators if their comic is selected for inclusion in the anthology; however, creators will maintain all rights to their work; and
     *permission is provided for the submitted work to be published, reproduced, transmitted, displayed publicly, and sold in all forms, including electronic, in all languages and media throughout the world.

6) The focus of the submitted comics must include a focus on the theme of “Emergence,” with creators encouraged to address and reflect on what “Emergence” means to them in the content of their submission.

7) The submitted comics may be anywhere from 1-10 pages in length.

8) The submitted comics’ content may be submitted in English or Spanish.

9) All comic formats are acceptable (e.g., cartoons, strips, etc.); however, the comics must be contained within the following dimensions at the time of submission in order to be considered:
      *All artwork must be formatted to fit 6.625″ x 10.25″.
      *All pages must accommodate a .125″ bleed all around.

10) The submitted comics must be provided in TIFF format.  [Please contact OYLCCanthology (at) gmail (dot) com if you are unable to submit your work in this format.]




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