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‘American Gods: Season 1, Episode 6 – A Murder of Gods’ – TV Review

American Gods certainly had a lot to say about conservative America in “A Murder of Gods.”  The coming-to-America prologue this week showed Mexican Jesus (Wednesday mentioned earlier this season that there is more than one Jesus to match the different faiths.) entering America with illegal immigrants.  Later in the episode, Wednesday and Shadow travel to a conservative utopia—a small town where everyone is safe since no one is without a gun.

The town is run by Vulcan (played by Corbin Bernsen), the Roman god of volcanoes.  He has adapted to modern times and adopted guns as mechanical volcanoes.  Vulcan did not appear in the book, so he is an interesting addition to the show since he illustrates how an old god can thrive in the modern world.  Hopefully, we will see his coming-to-America story, as I am curious how a Roman god traveled here.

Also in this episode, we saw some more uncharted territory as Laura, Mad Sweeney, and Salim set out on their quest.  Mad Sweeny, determined to get his coin back from Laura, decides to help her completely come back to life, so she will no longer need his coin.  Along the way they steal Salim’s taxi, and he agrees to help them if they help him find the Jinn who took his identity.  My biggest problem with the book is the Jinn story since we never hear anything else about it.  The book does not offer any information on what happens to Salim after his identity is taken, so I am glad the show is finally exploring it.


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