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‘American Gods: Season 1, Episode 5 – Lemon Scented You’ – TV Review

“Lemon Scented You” started with the usual coming-to-America prologue, but in an unusual way.  It showed how Nynyunnini came to America when early humans first migrated here.  Since the prehistoric setting would have drastically increased the cost of the episode, they decided to animate it.  Instead of the typical sleek and shiny CGI that is so popular now, they opted to go with a darker and grittier aesthetic modeled on stop-motion to give it an eerier quality.

This week we saw two big confrontations.  The first of which is Laura and Mad Sweeney, two characters whose roles have been expanded for the show.  Mad Sweeney is in search of his coin, but Laura is reluctant to return it as it is what brought her back to life.  He reveals that the sun coin was meant for royalty and not to be given to just anyone.

We also saw the first showdown between the old gods and the new gods.  Mr. World (played by Crispin Glover) made his first appearance and along with Media and the Technical Boy he offered a merging of the analog and digital gods.  Mr. Wednesday, the individualist, has no desire to join the ranks of Mr. World’s globalist ways.  The plan is to unite the factions by using the rebranding the old gods with new methods.  Media even tempts Wednesday with a satellite whose acronym bears his name and will make people remember him.  I have to admit, this was a bit of an anticlimactic way to reveal his true name; however, the show has been pretty blatant with the hints, so you should have been able to guess his identity by now.

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