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‘Critical Role: The Legend of Vox Machina – Season 1, Episodes 10-12’ – TV Review

The end of the first season of Prime Video’s The Legend of Vox Machina is upon us, and it’s – to take a word from our favorite flirtatious merchant – glorious. The final three episodes of the show have taken a major turn, as the group of burgeoning heroes known as Vox Machina have continued their quest for revenge and the reclamation of Whitestone, the ancestral home of Vox Machina member Percival De Rolo. In doing this, they have discovered the intricate plot of the wicked Briarwoods, a power couple that has all the wrong intentions.

Up to this point, the show has done a great job of recreating moments from the live game and bringing them to life in this medium. This continues, with some major moments that fans of the show should remember coming into play as the team speeds towards the end of this mission. They also took some liberties, as well, all of which were in service of the shortened time frame that the animated series takes on, since they only have 22 minutes, instead of three month, 3-5 hour sessions. Doing this is pretty impressive in itself, and to create the pacing and storytelling they have is some incredible work.

Of all the ways they’ve made this show feel accurate, however, the action takes the crown. It’s so fast, frenetic, and wild as Vox Machina barely hangs onto their lives while dealing with daunting threats with what feels like a nearly out-of-control sense of speed. As the party struggles, gets beaten up, and comes together to pull out a victory in the end, it really evokes those long battles that we saw in the live game, with party members getting absolutely wrecked, nearly running out of spells, but getting that all-important “How Do You Want to Do This?” from DM Matthew Mercer at a moment when it seems like all is lost.

The length of the story feels right, too, as the show left us just enough of a thread to pull on for the upcoming second season. It was just a tease, but fans of the show will know what’s coming next, and new fans will be likely left wondering how they’re going to get out of the new mess that’s come their way.

I’ve been outspoken before about how this series began, but since it’s early stumbles, it’s found a way to be all that fans of the show have wanted. It looks, feels, and sounds like Vox Machina, all their flaws and skills on full display. The world is realized, and in these last three especially, they showed that they can stick the landing while preparing for another jump. A big congratulations is in store for the cast, Titmouse animation studio, and to everyone who helped make this happen.


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