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‘LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash’ – Movie Review

DC has long been known for producing incredible animated films. While most of their animated features seem to target adults, with their foray into LEGO movies, they were able to expand that to films that both adults and children could enjoy together.

The latest installment in the LEGO/DC movie franchise is LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash (released March 13, 2018). The Flash has experienced a surge in popularity in the last several years, making him the star of his own LEGO movie inevitable.

In LEGO DC Comics Super Heroes: The Flash, our favorite comedic superhero responds (late) to a Justice League call for help with the Joker. He ends up coming across as saving the day, despite having shown up to the scene at the last possible minute. After he is thanked by the locals, he notices an unusual sight: a vibrating person who is taunting him. He peruses the stranger who we learn is the Reverse Flash, only to find himself lured into a time loop, where he relives the same morning over and over. Despite making changes in the way he saves Metropolis, he always ends up chasing the elusive Reverse Flash which proves to be a disastrous decision.

The movie introduces new Justice League heroes, such as The Atom, Krypto the Super Dog, and Ace the Bat Hound, but also gives us our old favorites of Batman, Superman, Wonder Women, etc. Each hero plays their part in not only saving Metropolis against Reverse Flash, but helping The Flash mature in his abilities and role in the Justice League. We also are entertained by many different DC villains. The film is rich with morals and learning opportunities alongside the trademark humor that follows The Flash and LEGO movies in general. It makes it a fun and exciting watch for adults and children alike.

Many notable actors lend their voices to the project, including two video game favorites: Troy Baker (Batman) and Nolan North (Superman / Killer Croc). Baker and North are always fantastic in any voice acting role, and they play well off each other in this movie. James Arnold Taylor does a fantastic job with the quips of The Flash. Kevin Michael Richardson really brought Doctor Fate to life, providing some of the more hilarious moments of the film. Finally, Jason Spisak holds his own as The Joker, despite having some steep competition with others who have come before him in that role (including the great Mark Hamill as well as a co-actor in this film, Troy Baker).

If you enjoy The Flash and the LEGO movies, you won’t be disappointed with this installment. Fun for kids and adults alike, it’s one to keep on the shelves for endless viewings, and, hopefully, it will pave the way for more characters to make their LEGO movie debuts in the future.

Creative Team:  Ethan Spaulding (director), Jim Krieg (writer), Jeremy Adams (writer)
Production Company:  Warner Bros. Animation
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Angie Martin, Fanbase Press Guest Contributor



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