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HollyShorts 2016: Friday Block III – Film Reviews

In one of the more touching blocks at this year’s HollyShorts, this selection of films focused on films made by members of the disabled community. It’s a beautiful look at some of the members of this community and the wonderfully creative spirits they have as artists.

Lefty & Loosey

An old-style black-and-white noir, this film focuses on Lefty and Loosey, two detectives who have lost an arm and a leg, respectively. While on a case, the pair find out a chilling plan to attack their city, and it’s up to them to solve it. It’s silly and fun, with an older mystery style, and is a great look at how certain things that may be viewed as a drawback can be used as a strength.

The film was directed by Zico Abrar and written by Abrar and Kris Byrnes. It stars Sommer Carbucci as Loosey and David Harrell as Lefty.


While this one was a bit hard to grasp, it did feature some amazing performances from Nina Bergman and Bryan Dilbeck. The story focuses on two people who were forced to stick together during a horrible situation and find themselves on opposing sides of a mysterious conflict.

Directed by Rooser Goodman, this was a great opportunity to show the incredible talents of the differently abled.

Boxed Out

Focusing on a missing persons report, this film shows a detective figuring out the mystery of a missing boyfriend and the motivations of a surprisingly stoic roommate.

With Cory Reeder at the helm, this is a great and fun film that makes great use of a small mystery.

Unlikely Temptations

Another film that focuses on those with different abilities, this time with a hilarious retelling of the Last Temptation of Christ. This time, the Devil tempts Jesus with some more modern issues: using bubblegum as a temptation about not being able to eat; using both men and women to tempt him with flesh; and one of the most heinous temptations of all, the sin of popping the truly tempting bubble wrap. It’s fun, silly, and a really good time.

Another submission from Cory Reeder, he does a terrific job in taking an old tale and giving it a fresh look.

The Pamoja Project

This short documentary focuses on three women in Tanzania who do some terrific things for their communities: building schools; fostering children; and helping to empower women in the community, finding a way to change things for the better. It’s a touching and fascinating look into the way one person can change their world, no mater how they do things. All working towards one purpose, Astridah, Margaret, and Cripina have found a way to make their own impact.

Directed by Audrey Emerson, this is a beautiful tale that really inspires those who get to see it.


This film is a powerful one, especially for those in the African-American community. When an older man is stopped on the street and robbed, he takes it upon himself to not blame the young man, but to instead reach out to him and offer to take him to lunch.

Written and directed by Jason Honeycutt, this is a dramatic and terrific film that shows that not all bad experiences have to end up that way.

Welcome to Where You’ve Always Been

Living life with depression can be overwhelming, especially when it’s an everyday effort just to get the thoughts to take a break for even a moment. Devin, a gifted but troubled poet, gets the chance of a lifetime but has to find a way past his depression and his suicidal thoughts to get through it. Hiding his battles from his loving wife and everyone else around him, Devin struggles with the choice to self-harm before a startling discovery changes his tune.

Written, directed, and starring Justin Sandler, this is a painful, but poignant, effort to highlight the struggles of those with mental illness and how they do their best to battle it every day.

The Nomad

Living life on the streets is likely one of the hardest things to have to do in life, and for one man, it’s even more difficult when his life is focused more on the stars than in reality. His delusions of being an astronaut continue to bring him further and further away from reality, making life an even more troubling thing.

This film had some tough moments, but it was a touching story overall. The story, which was written and directed by Roger Liew, also stars Jean Hyppolite and Amir Rahim.


Tourette’s is a very difficult thing to live with, as the uncontrollable tics and sounds can be so disruptive that it can not only affect the personal lives of those who live with it, but it can also cause the outside world to further ostracize them.

For one man, dealing with his disability has caused him nothing but strife, but to deal with it, his loved ones give him fantastic advice on how to get through his struggles.

Directed by Jesse Richton, it’s a fun and engaging tale of getting through the struggles of dealing with something like Tourette’s.

Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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