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HollyShorts 2016: Friday Block II – Film Reviews

Another block of incredible films came in on Friday, with several major projects coming together beautifully. Despite it being another smaller block, these films really captured some of the creative spirits of these talented artists.


Relationships are a very difficult thing, especially when the other member of the relationship has committed infidelity. This is the case in Time, as a young boxer prepares for the fight of his career while also having to attempt to work things out with his cheating ex. While she wants to fix things, it’s not so easy, and the relationship has to compete with life’s other issues.

Directed by Erik Martens and written by Martens and Laura DuBois, this is a wonderful story about the hardships of love and relationships, as well as the focus needed to compete.

The Monsters Around Us

A young boy who does everything he can to trap and capture the creatures around him makes for a life-changing adventure when he finds out the monsters he’s been hunting are not the ones he needs to be looking out for. With many people around his small town disappearing, his attempt to bring the monster to rest is followed up by his own attempt to escape the horrors of the unexpected.

With a great twist and some amazing performances, this Aileen Carpenter film does a great job of driving suspense.


Boxing is one of the toughest sports in the world and is an incredibly insular and painstaking journey into an attempt at greatness. When an up-and-coming boxer is given a choice over whether to throw the fight that could make his career for a huge payday or do everything he can to win, he has to come to terms with what he wants in life.

Beautiful Dreamer

One of the most heartbreaking and powerful films of the festival thus far, Beautiful Dreamer tells the story of a young mother with an incurable illness that does something difficult – traveling at light speed – the idea of which is to bend time and prolong her life to be able to see her baby daughter grow up. With life flashing before her eyes, the young mother gets to see her daughter in several major points of her life.

This film, which was written and directed by David Gaddie with additional writing from Steven Kelleher, is an incredible film that brings the future into a realistic story, using it to enhance a gorgeous story.


A young man in a Native American community is sent on a spiritual journey to catch the rare bird that is tattooed on his arm as a way of initiation into his tribe. This journey goes awry when an accident on the hunt puts the life of a birdwatcher in danger, and the young boy changes his journey from the hunt to helping take care of the man whose life is now threatened.

Irene Marco has directed a beautiful and poignant story that focuses on the hardships of live as a Native American, as well as the struggles of cultural and language barriers.


The was one of the harder films to watch, as it’s a moving look at the life of a maid, living her life with a rich family in South America. While she focuses on keeping the house clean and making sure her job is done properly, she also develops a deep bond with the family’s young son. When tragedy strikes during a party, it’s Rosa whose heart is shattered, but with her job as it is, it’s also important for her to do what is needed for the family.

Alejandra Parody did an exemplary job making such a fantastic film and really touching the hearts of those who get to watch it.


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