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‘Apocalypse:’ Advance Game Review

Escape rooms are an interesting concept and translating the experience to a home version can be difficult, but Apocalypse by Argyx Games manages to pull it off with some interesting twists.

When the game is complete, it will be a series of installments where players must solve clues to stop a serial killer.  The test version is a prelude to demonstrate the type of puzzles in the actual game, which will be far more in-depth.

What stands out as different with this game (as opposed to the traditional escape room experience) is that not only are computers and phones allowed—they are necessary.  Before you begin the game, you are instructed to visit a website that plays atmospheric music to set the tone and has a clock to track your progress, as well as links for hints when you need help.  The game is unique in how it combines a tactile experience with a virtual one by using physical props to point you to websites and online videos.  This is interesting, although, there were big chunks of the game spent just searching around the internet for clues.  From the photos of the full game, it is clear that there will be many more physical pieces, so this should not be a problem in the actual release.

Despite only having the trial version, the game was very difficult.  All of us who played were experienced at escape rooms, and we found it tough.  I feel I must mention that one of the reasons it was so difficult was that one of the props was not included in the set.  We only discovered that it was absent after getting stuck and looking up hints.  By that point, we were too far into the game to do anything about it, but, hopefully, the final version will include a list of contents with the box.

The full version should be available soon, but, for now, you can support the Kickstarter.

Publisher: Argyx Games
Click here to support the Kickstarter.

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