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‘Punk Mambo #2:’ Comic Book Review

Cullen Bunn is great. I enjoy his writing so much, and giving him a badass, anarchist character like Punk Mambo is a perfect match. Punk Mambo is a Voodoo Priestess from the London Punk scene, one of the best combos of words for a character since “blind swordsman gambling masseuse.” And, as you can imagine, Punk Mambo doesn’t give a flying fig about the rules, regulations, nor respect that many feel should be given to such powerful magic and spirits.

In the first issue, Punk Mambo was cut off from one of her LOA, or spirit companions, that helped her to go after monsters and take them down. Curious and just a little pissed, she follows a trail to find a handful of powerful LOA who request her help. Whereas most characters might be in awe of the power displayed before her, Mambo challenges everything she sees.

I like the look and feel of the book. Artist Adam Gorham has done a really good job of bringing these different environments to life along with José Villarrubia on colors.

I’m not entirely up to date on the Valiant universe, so I’m not sure how this book fits in, but, as a standalone, this series is wickedly fun with sharp characters, and some pretty cool villains, which often tends to be lacking these days in major comic company publications. Bunn finds inspiration, though, by embracing the Voodoo spirit of things and giving us a heavy called Uncle Gunnysack, skeletons rising from red goo vomit, and – from what I can guess from having read plenty of Bunn and from what is alluded to in this book – Gunnysack is just the beginning. This world is going to continue to expand in some pretty amazing ways over the next 3 issues.

Creative Team: Cullen Bunn (story), Adam Gorham (art), José Villarrubia (colors), Dave Sharpe (letters), Lysa Hawkins (editor)
Publisher: Valiant
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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