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‘Firefly #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

A quick recap from the last issue: Mal has been captured by Boss Moon, and the rest of the crew are on the run from the homicidal cult. So, we’re basically on par of the usual level of shenanigans when it comes to this crew. Moving on to the present. Things pick up immediately from there, with the Serenity crew (with the addition of Chang-Benitez) still on the run, but an accidental fuel cell mishap saves the day. Elsewhere, Mal and Boss Moon trade barbs and blows.

Greg Pak continues to write these characters like natural extensions of their TV counterparts. The voices and ticks are there, and it seems like we’re getting a second season of Firefly. The main personal conflict remains Mal and Zoe’s past actions and the fallout of the Unification War. Atrocities are always committed in wars, and it’s interesting to see that perhaps our big damn heroes didn’t come out of the schism entirely clean either. Of course, there’s also the element of history being written by the victors, so perhaps everything is less black and white here.

While the focus still seems to be primarily focused on Mal and Zoe, there are hints of development for Kaylee and maybe Simon, too, with conflict in a rather nicely shaped, new addition to the crew. We’ll see. The other characters get some moments, but they’re definitely not the focus so far. One of my favorite scenes in this issue is the one where the crew contemplates the quality of Zoe’s rousing speech. Speaking of Zoe, I think things are going to get pretty interesting for her really soon.

Dan McDaid and Anthony Fowler Jr. turn out a great-looking issue with some great, complementary colors by Marcelo Costa. There are some strong visual moments, especially in Kaylee’s flirtation and my favorite moment shared between Zoe and Jayne jockeying for the role of captain.

Overall: A solid beginning to a new arc, carrying over elements from the last, but with a sense of new directions to come.

Creative Team: Greg Pak (writer), Dan McDaid (pencils), Anthony Fowler Jr. (inks), Marcelo Costa (colors), Jim Campbell (letterer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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