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‘The Empty Man #6:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I’m a few issues behind on my reviews for The Empty Man, and it’s been a pretty intense chase scene these last few issues as the world has fallen into chaos.

Cullen Bunn has crafted an intriguing concept which is zig-zagging around what’s actually going on. The basics: A virus has spread, but it’s a virus of insanity and hatred, driving everyone who hears the Empty Man, or begins to see the world with the eyes of the Empty Man, to murder and complete suicide. In the last few issues, the virus has taken on a physical form of a creature that could very well have been created by Resident Evil’s T-Virus. It’s a nasty beast.

But, that’s not all! A family is on the run with the help of a special agent. The mother in this family is infected but is managing to hold herself together for the most part, when she’s not pounding her face against things. Her husband and two kids are trying their best to stay alive as a cult that worships the Empty Man is trying to get the mother from them.

Bunn spends a lot of time building this violent world, focusing on individuals that have nothing to do with the main story thread just to keep us mentally on our tip toes.

Jesús Hervás’ art captures the chaos and violence wonderfully, and Niko Guardia’s colors are dark and gloomy (I love his use of purple.), but major kudos to Ed Dukeshire whose lettering fills the world with visceral noises that pull you into the chaos that much more. His sound effects are characters unto themselves.

This is a really enjoyable series from a master of horror. It’s worth checking out, so do it.

Creative Team: Cullen Bunn (writer), Jesús Hervás (artist), Niko Guardia (colors), Ed Dukeshire (letters), Marie Krupina (designer), Eric Harburn (editor)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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