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‘She Could Fly:’ Advance Trade Paperback Review

Dark Horse Comics is well known for its interesting catalog of titles. While their catalog often contains licensed comics, they also take chances on epic, new creator-owned series, including She Could Fly, a series by Christopher Cantwell, co-creator of the hit show, Halt and Catch Fire.

She Could Fly is a tough book to describe, as it is partially an examination into mental illness and partially an engrossing thriller that features a woman with the ability to fly as its catalyst.

Cantwell’s examination into obsessive behaviors through the main character, Luna, is both fascinating and tough to read at times, because of just how severe and jarring it can be. This focus is at the core of how this story progresses, and one of the reasons it is such a wonderful read.  The story is gripping and intelligent, jumping through moments with a break-neck pace. It moves through scenes frantically, jumping from plot to plot with a reckless abandon that really only fits this story.

Cantwell’s writing is superb. At first, the pacing can be off-putting, the extremes a bit too tough to bear, until it all finally comes together. While getting to that point can be tough at first, it becomes well worth it, as the book continues to build into its final flourishes.

Martin Morazzo, who has built the visual landscape of this book, is a marvel. The dramatic elements of the story are augmented by the way the artwork seems to almost distort in places, making it equally unnerving and gorgeous. This book is an odd whirlwind, a combination of off-putting and visually stunning, all carefully crafted to elicit exactly those reactions.

The coloring work of Miroslav Mrva lends itself to the book beautifully, bringing splashes of color to scenes. There’s nothing better than seeing vibrant colors and carefully crafted palettes in a series that is so full of juxtaposed ideas. A shout-out should also go to letterer Clem Robins whose work really shines, especially with the moments focused more on Luna’s internal thoughts and ideas.

All in all, this is a difficult, but incredible, book that should really be examined fully. While it takes some time to get used to the pacing and some of the shocking imagery, once it all falls into place, it elevates this series to a very high level. This collection puts the entire series into one collection, wrapping it up into one breathtaking story.

Creative Team: Christopher Cantwell (writer), Martin Morazzo (artist), Miroslav Mrva (colorist), Clem Robins (letterer)
Publisher: Dark Horse Comics
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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