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‘Lightstep #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

From the very beginning, this comic has taken us on a variety of different adventures through a myriad of different worlds. At times, it can seem confusing, even chaotic, but it is, in fact, all connected. Whether you know what’s going on or not in that particular moment, it’s always a fantastic ride.

In this issue, Jazzman and his crew finally reach the Tomb World: a planet frozen in space and time, whose inhabitants are neither dead nor alive. Here, he hopes he’ll find his lost love Rebecca. Instead, however, he finds the man who authored all those radio plays back in the 1940s which uncannily chronicle the adventures of Samson Set, also known as Jazzman. Who is this mysterious writer, and what does he want? Can he help Jazzman find what he’s looking for? Can Jazzman help him?

With every installment, I’m getting more and more invested in this story. Issue #4 nearly lost me, as it seemed a bit jumbled at first, but by the end, it managed to bring everything together in ways I never imagined and had my jaw on the floor. Slowly and gradually, we’re able to uncover more about the world of this story—all of the many different worlds, how they work, and how they fit together with one another.

Lightstep #5 is a little different from the previous issues. Up until now, the writing has been done by Milos Slavkovic and Mirko Topalski. This issue’s script is actually written by Ivan Brankovic. The story still flows just the same, though, and I never would have known there was a switch if I hadn’t checked. Plus, the intricate storyline is still complemented, as in previous issues, by Slavkovic’s stunning artwork.

A couple of the synopses I’m finding of this issue are saying that it’s the final installment of the series. This seems odd to me, as the story is nowhere near done yet. The official synopsis from Dark Horse is no help, as it’s actually the synopsis of the previous issue. It also contains a monumental spoiler for the previous issue, so avoid it if you can. But, I hope this is just the end of the first leg of the journey; however, I suppose it does manage to be a satisfying conclusion in its own odd way. You’ll have to read it to see what I mean.

At any rate, I really hope there’s more in store down the road. This comic combines all of my favorite things: space opera, 1940s radio drama, intricate sci-fi, and even a bit of time travel (sort of). If you’re a fan of any of those things, as well, then Lightstep is a comic you won’t want to miss.

Creative Team: Ivan Brankovic (script), Milos Slavkovic (art and cover art), Tiberiu Beka (cover color), HMT Studio (color), and Andrej Bunjac (lettering)
Publisher: Dark Horse
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Steven W. Alloway, Fanbase Press Contributor



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