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‘Rick and Morty Presents: Jerry #1’ – Comic Book Review

Rick and Morty is a strange franchise, known for being outlandish, kind of gross, and just a bizarre mix of science, humor, and some truly outrageous visuals. The comics for the franchise have been no different, keeping the same sense of personality and ridiculousness that the show is known for, without the tricky animation budgets and writing delays.

The main series has been going on strong for years now, and as the comics version of the series has grown in popularity, they have embarked on several offshoots, as well. With tie-in to video games, a crossover with Dungeons & Dragons, and more, this franchise has now also been producing one-shots with some of their most well-known and beloved characters. This latest iteration features everyone’s favorite ineffectual dad, Jerry Smith.

Jerry is known for being the punching bag of the series, getting consistently made fun of by Rick, Summer, Beth, and even Morty, on occasion. He’s known for being a weak, cowardly man with no real masculinity to speak of, a joke that is used frequently throughout any rendition of the series. This is the main premise of the issue, as an insecure Jerry, after his reunion with Beth, bemoans his weight gain and lack of intimacy as a sign of his failing masculinity. This leads him to be part of an experiment with Rick to attempt to use experimental science to bolster his manliness, to the typically disastrous results.

The story is an absolute maelstrom of chaos, with the typical Kronenbergian visual horror that the series employs so often. It also continues the feel of the show, keeping in comedic time with its predecessor, something that has been a staple of the comic representations of the series. This is something writer Ryan Ferrier does well, keeping the voice of the franchise while allowing it to feel fresh and new as an individual addition to the pantheon.

The most impressive aspect about these entries is how well they exemplify the show visually. The style employed by the animation studio is almost always represented in a way that is stunningly accurate, capturing the visual appeal of the show, regardless of artist.

Artist C.J. Cannon, along with colorist Joshua Perez and letterer Crank!, have absolutely captured what makes the show fun visually, capturing a style that keeps the comic series in line with the show and giving fans exactly what they were expecting.

This particular entry into the canon is a chaotic ride that can only be accomplished by this franchise, and while they don’t exactly break any barriers, everything feels so accurate and well-established that there’s nothing but enjoyment for fans of the series.

Creative Team: Ryan Ferrier (writer), C.J. Cannon (artist), Joshua Perez (colorist), Crank! (letter)
Publisher: Oni Press
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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