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‘Odie #2:’ Comic Book Review

Odie, a fluffy-butt Corgi with attitude and heart, is back for an all-new adventure. After another successful Kickstarter campaign, the PDFs have been sent out, and the print version should be out soon. For those of you who missed the first issue, Odie is about an elderly Corgi who gets lost and finds his way home, only to discover his owners have gotten a new puppy they have named Cujo. Oh no!

The new story revolves around an afternoon outing by a lake with his owners, Odie, and the new puppy. When they arrive, both dogs meet another dog named Jezebel and her rather disturbed bird friend, Peep. Jezebel is obsessed with tracking down and subduing a particular fish in the lake. Game for some action and fish to eat, Odie and Cujo are on board.

As with the first issue, I love the art and the coloring. The dogs’ faces are expressive and show emotional nuance. The variation of blues and greens set off the depths of the water and the surrounding landscape.  Also, kudos to the letterer who set off Peep’s disjointed dialogue so well.  

The story is, quite frankly, Moby Dick, which is a little weird and disappointing. I will admit that my expectations for this issue might be the problem.  After enjoying the first issue so much, I wanted to go deeper into the development of Odie and Cujo’s relationship as the elder and younger dog in the same house and how that will change both of them.  I think their adventure was supposed to be a bonding moment, but it spent more time on Jezebel then on Odie and Cujo, and there was very little conflict between the two Corgis. This story might have been better suited for a later issue.

Needless to say, I do enjoy the world of Odie and will continue to support the writer and artist’s efforts, as there is real talent here.  A bonus story is included in this issue, as well.

Creative Team: Writer: Aaron Sullivan; Inks: Elli Puukangas; Color: Karolina Hankonen
Publisher:  Small Scale Studios
Click here to visit the Kickstarter campaign.

Madeleine Holly-Rosing, Fanbase Press Contributor



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