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‘Bill & Ted Save the Universe:’ Advance Trade Paperback Review

The return of the Wyld Stallyns has finally arrived, and, this time, the most popular duo in all of music are headed on an incredible intergalactic adventure in a way that only these two could. Years after their most excellent adventure and bogus journey, Bill & Ted, with their families in hand, have finally become what they always knew they could: the most influential band in all of time and space.

In this adventure, the space part of their history is the important aspect, as the boys find themselves suddenly taken away from their friends and family and thrown into the throes of intergalactic conflict. They are asked to embark on a ten-year universal tour, spreading their music and its ways all over the vastness of space. This journey takes some major twists and turns, as Bill and Ted struggle with intergalatic conflicts, personal issues, and the sudden appearance of long-lost family members, events that could forever change the course of history for both the band and anyone within their realm of influence.

I’ve loved the Bill & Ted films for many years, and the reemergence of these characters in comic book form is wonderful to see. With excellent character depictions and a laser focus on atmosphere, this take on the franchise is refreshing and breathes new life into a decades-old franchise. It’s pretty impressive how much this series really harnesses the fun and silliness of the series, and seeing franchise mainstays like George Carlin’s Rufus in a new form is especially heartwarming.

The creative team on this book is most excellent, as writer Brian Joines crafts another wonderful adventure for our dynamic duo to embark upon.  Bachan rejoins the franchise for another journey as he returns as illustrator. Joining them are colorist Alex Gumaraes and letterer Jim Campell, and these artists bring forth a very fun and chaotic entry into the Bill & Ted franchise. It’s wonderful to see just how close this team has come to capturing the aesthetic of this franchise. 1980s Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter would be proud to see such a rendition of their beloved characters.

While the journeys get more extreme and distant from their homes, this duo continues to be extremely entertaining and fun, even in comic form. The art team has done a fantastic job of recreating this universe, and, hopefully, more most excellent adventures are to come. As a five-issue limited series, fans of the franchise should welcome this addition to the pantheon of Bill & Ted.

Creative Team: Brian Joines (writer), Bachan (artist), Alex Gumaraes (colorist), Jim Campbell (letters)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Russ Pirozek, Fanbase Press Contributor



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