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‘Monster Matador #9:’ Comic Book Review

Issue #8 of Monster Matador introduced a new threat for Ramon, our hero, to vanquish: a crab-like monster in Santa Monica, CA; however, he and Adelita have to cross a vast wasteland to face this new creature head on. In the ninth installment of the series, readers learn that while Ramon fights his way toward the coast, fierce warriors in Santa Monica attempt to protect their homes from the hostile sea beast, including a depressing cameo by a failed hero who shares similarities with a certain iconic caped crusader.  It’s not all smooth sailing, but can Ramon finally make his way to Santa Monica and face the latest menace? Will there even be any civilization left to save when he arrives?

Issue #9 of Monster Matador continues Ramon’s journey from the site of the chupacabra battle to Santa Monica.  The plane crashed before reaching the city, and it will take good luck, good friends, and faith to gather what our matador needs to complete his quest.  Creator Steven Prince uses this interlude to show a variety of characters interacting in his post-apocalyptic world, digging a little deeper into what allows humans to thrive in times of trouble.  Some of the cast are more, well, colorful than others, but each one plays a role and has a purpose in the coming story.

The ninth volume of Monster Matador continues the slower pace of issue #8 with one notable exception: Several other warriors face down the monster attacking Santa Monica, just not our protagonist.  Ramon’s journey allows him to heal a little, examine his path, and ultimately find a few new sidekicks with valuable skills and resources to help him on his way.

We get several shots of the crab-like monster in this issue which helped to confirm my belief that this is predominantly an aquatic creature; however, a closeup on its face near the final pages revealed a frightening carnivorous, pig-like snout with sharp, pointy teeth!

Issue #9 of Monster Matador established how overwhelmed Santa Monica’s elite fighters are when facing the creature which is a change from Ramon saving towns with no real defenses.  He may have to plumb the depths of his faith to defeat the rampaging crab beast and save Santa Monica from utter destruction!

4 Occasions of Finding Friends in Odd Places out of 5

Creative Team:  Steven Prince (Writer, artist, and creator)
Publisher: 2510 Press
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