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‘Black Badge #5:’ Advance Comic Book Review

With the first mystery, “What happened to Jimmy?,” out of the way, Matt Kindt and Tyler Jenkins dig in and start to knowingly play with young adult tropes we’ve seen in fiction in recent years while continuing to build the web of intrigue around the Black Badges, Jimmy, and the people (government?) who control the Badges.

In the last issue, our five Black Badges made their way to the jamboree to end all jamborees. After being introduced to other Badge groups, they were all dropped into a competitive scenario: reach the top of a volcano on a secluded island first. Now, each troupe must journey across dangerous environments, while fending off other teams, to their victory. Along the way, more puzzle pieces are discovered, and we continue to get to know the members of the Black Badges.

From the get-go, a cloud of uncertainty has lingered over the people who control these kids. After all, what kind of people would use kids to go into dangerous war zones? The answer: probably not very good ones. No longer complete innuendo, that uncertainty is highlighted in this issue.

One thing that I like about this issue isthat the kids get to talk like kids a little more than they’ve done in past issues. Trading references of things they like, it gives a dynamic to the book that hasn’t been explored. What are these young soldiers like when they’re just allowed to be kids? Hopefully, there will be more of that as we progress. And, with the personal stakes heightened, this walk across an island is riveting.

Creative Team: Matt Kindt (story), Tyler Jenkins (art), Hilary Jenkins (colors), Jim Campbell (letters), Eric Harburn (editor), Scott Newman (designer)
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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