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‘The Warning #2:’ Advance Comic Book Review

I still really have no idea what exactly is going on in the military sci-fi action world of The Warning, only that from beginning to end, it’s such a well-plotted and visually mapped-out series with interconnected, non-linear events that I want to know what’s happening. If Edward Laroche can keep readers in the dark for two issues while at the same time keeping them intrigued, imagine what he can do when we actually know what’s happening.

So far, a group of elite soldiers have been sent on a mission to investigate a strange phenomenon, and somewhere along the way, things go south, as in badly, and I mean far south, as in very badly. In this issue, we get to know a little more about one of the soldiers and a little more about what’s actually going on, but only a little… it says a lot that even that little bit is so incredibly intriguing and well written.

Edward Laroche knows how to pace and draw his action so well that we really don’t need to know exactly what’s going on; we’re just swiftly pulled along. In both issues, he throws us into chaos or the promise of, with life hanging in the balance, and we have to claw our way out of it, trying to make sense of the danger these characters find themselves in.

The colors Brad Simpson uses are dynamic, laying out the drama of the scene immediately; Laroche finds visual parallels that allow us to see action scenes with depth and meaning, and he’s incredibly good with dialogue.

The one thing I’ve noticed about Laroche as a creator is that he’s fine just leaning back and letting the story eventually find us, rather than bringing us to the story. It’s a truly enjoyable read.

Creative Team: Edward Laroche (creator, writer, artist), Brad Simpson (colors), James Reed (letters), Donald Hodges (editor)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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