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‘Pandora’s Legacy:’ Graphic Novel Review

Pandora’s Legacy is a fun and charming Young Adult adventure story that delves into the myth of Pandora’s Box in a really clever and fun way. Creator and Writer Kara Leopard doesn’t waste any time, sending siblings Janet, Charlie, and youngest brother Trevor into the woods to retrieve their silly cat named Po. Po leads them further into the woods than they’ve ever been, where they stumble upon a strange piece of architecture that resembles something right out of Clash of the Titans, amidst the trees. It’s full of beautiful carvings in the ground, life-like statues (two of which hold up a large circular mirror), and an old jug…which they happen to break. Except, that’s no ordinary jug, but an updated version of Pandora’s Box, and the kids have to figure out how to deal with the chaos they’ve unleashed along with their cat who has now been taken over by Prometheus.

It’s a super fun premise, and Leopard and artists Kelly and Nichole Mathews do a really great job of keeping the energy up and the characters relatable. The different monsters that the siblings have to fight against lead them to learning a lot about how to be heroic as they discover some pretty awesome secrets about their own family lineage. In the end, Leopard isn’t afraid to sprinkle in some bittersweet moments, creating some unexpected and touching beats between the characters.

I have to say it’s also great reading a comic about siblings in which the dramatic centerpiece isn’t how the siblings don’t get along. Here, they get along wonderfully. You can tell they love each other and are willing to fight for each other. To me, that’s just as necessary to show as it is showing how “naughty” kids can learn lessons. Instead, with their family lives essentially in good standing here, they can focus on other life lessons and coming-of-age dilemmas.

Creative Team: Kara Leopard (story), Kelly and Nichole Matthews (illustrations), Mike Fiorentino (letters), Jillian Crab (designer), Whitney Leopard (editor)
Publisher: kaBOOM! (BOOM! Studios)
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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