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‘Sword Daughter #4:’ Advance Comic Book Review

The story of Sword Daughter, though shrouded in mystery, continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences currently running in comic books today.

The fourth issue is here! Eagerly, we have been waiting for it to arrive, and I am happy to report that it totally slaps. Oh, and it’s long, which never hurts to mention for all of the penny-pinchers out there. This issue came to us like a birthday gift given a month after your birthday already happened. Yes, daddy did make you wait, but as it turns out, it was worth it.

Something that I noticed about Sword Daughter that had not dawned on me until this issue was that I have no idea where this story is going. Most of the time, with content being as pervasive as it is, we all know what is going to happen from the very beginning of every story. We don’t enjoy those stories any less, but they don’t necessarily surprise us. Somehow, Brian Wood has been able to tell us a unique and interesting story, revealing major events as he chooses, but keeping things elusive enough to create surprising moments.

For example, is the father character and narrator going to die by the end of this story? Or, is he already dead? These were two questions I was asking myself while reading this issue. These are not spoilers, but, to be honest, both would surprise the heck out of me. Also, both outcomes would be meaningful. This is the sign of a great story.

SD4 1 be9

The way Brian Wood is able to do this is by continually giving us plot we didn’t know that we needed to fill in holes that we didn’t know were there. Like, who are these people, all of the sudden?

SD4 2 f93

Now, we have a whole new set of characters to grow with, enjoy, and worry about that seem just as connected to the DNA of Sword Daughter as out main characters. But, they could also disappear by the next issue. It’s wild!

Also, I noticed this at the beginning of the issue and I hadn’t noticed it in any issue previous. It could have been there, but I don’t remember it.

SD4 3 c45

They make special mention of their colorist. This is amazing, because not only is the colorist very integral to the process of making comic books, but José Villarrubia is amazing. Just look at his beautiful work.

SD4 4 767
SD4 5 4b1

As a comic book expert, I can tell you on all authority that this colorist knows what on earth he is doing. This is gorgeous. The way that the light appears to wash out the sky. The blood stained so impermanently on the trees. It’s amazing.

If you have not started Sword Daughter already, no need to fret! You are only three issues behind. It is very attainable to catch up and get on board with this modern masterpiece.

Creative Team: Brian Wood (writer), Mack Chater (art), José Villarrubia (color)
Publisher: Dark Horse
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Jeremy Schmidt, Fanbase Press Contributor



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