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‘Errand Boys #3:’ Advance Comic Book Review

Jace and Tawnk’s bad day just went from bad to worse.  The errand Jace thought would be a quick snatch-and-grab turned into a life-and-death encounter with a group of hungry aliens.  Thus begins the third issue of Errand Boys (Image Comics), this season’s entertaining, intergalactic science fiction comedy written by D. J. Kirkbride (Amelia Cole, The Once and Future Queen).

In this issue, Kirkbride continues to explore the sibling relationship between the half-brothers. While in a tight spot, Jace makes important realizations regarding his relationship with his young, teenage brother, but Jace also has an epiphany regarding his relationship with their father.  This was an important moment of the story, and Kirkbride broaches a serious plot point with a balance of sensitivity and humor in keeping with the overall lighthearted tone of the story.  Secondary themes of trust and compassion are exemplified through Tawnk’s experiences in being Jace’s ward after their father’s death.  Kirkbride handles the sibling dynamic with deftness and with liberal amounts of banter between the two, similar to movies featuring hapless buddies forced together by circumstances that eventually leads to steadfast friendship. Will Jace and Tawnk find brotherly love by the concluding issue?

Nikos Koutsis (Savage Dragon, Mighty Man) is back in the dual role of artist and colorist. In keeping with the mood of the story, this space adventure is bright and colorful and, most assuredly, full of energy.  The oranges and yellow lend warmth and although there are dangerous moments, the colors provide comfort and visually assure the reader “not to worry, everything will be alright” at the end of the day.  Koutsis’ layouts control the momentum of the action, as well as reader’s eyes on each page.  Frank Cvetkovic’s letters and sound effects draw the reader’s attention to the visuals and blend well within Koutsis’ layouts.  Taking all of the visual cues together, Errand Boys is a visual sweet for the eyes.

The backup story in this issue reveals the origin story of Bear, Jace’s boss, and the owner of Bearrands Inc.  Not only does the creative team highlight an easily forgotten secondary character from issue one, but they also give a few more clues about Jace and his path to errand boy (or runner, if Bear has any say).

This Wednesday, December 5, the third issue of Errand Boys will drop at local comic book shops.  Fans of science fiction stories will get a kick out of this entertaining adventure tale.  Errand Boys is definitely worth the $3.99 price for a hilarious story and superb visuals.

Creative Team: D. J. Kirkbride (writer); Nikos Koutsis (artist/colorist); Mike Toris (flatter); Frank Cvetkovic (letterer/designer); Adam P. Knave and El Anderson (editors); D. J. Kirkbride, Vassilis Dimopoulos and Frank Cvetkovic (backup story); Nikos Koutsis and Mike Toris (cover); and Erik Larsen (creative consultant).
Publisher: Image Comics
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Michele Brittany, Fanbase Press Contributor



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