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‘Dragon Age: Deception #1’ – Advance Comic Book Review

All hail the con men and women that make the plot to Dragon Age: Deception both comedic and compelling.

Dragon Age is high-fantasy fiction that allows you to roleplay through a roaring adventure narrative by which you make many choices that will determine your experience and overall outcome. It’s fanbase is loyal as heck. Simply put, people LOVE Dragon Age…the video game.

Dragon Age: Deception is a comic book based on that video game.

After some digging, I found that Dragon Age: Deception is not the only Dragon Age in print. The series has multiple entries published by Dark Horse and at least one published by IDW. Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir author this brand new launch into the series, and they are no stranger to this franchise either. That must mean the titles are selling well enough to make more. As a fan of fantasy, video games, and comic book content, this is very good news.

I have never played the video games, nor have I read the other comics; however, if they hold the same kind of tone and flow of Deception, I think I might give them a try. One might describe the experience of reading issue #1 as “breezy.” So far, the story revolves around two con people who are destined to work together in an unlikely pairing that is out of their control. It’s basically a sitcom. Fantasy and science fiction have the trappings of overcomplications and under delivery. If the first issue of Dragon Age: Deception is a good indicator of the rest of the story, then I don’t think it will suffer in the same way.

Creative Team: Nunzio DeFilippis (writer), Christina Weir (writer), Fernando Heinz Furukawa (art)
Publisher: Dark Horse
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Jeremy Schmidt, Fanbase Press Contributor



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