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‘The Weatherman #4:’ Comic Book Review

The Weatherman is beautiful chaos, a loopy rollercoaster, tempered with characters driven by honest-to-god reasons to go above and beyond what anyone would normally put themselves through – and you can feel it when they do.

Earth is gone, destroyed by terrorists. Millions are dead, and now Amanda Cross is doing everything she can to stop it from happening again to another populated planet – like Mars. Her answer may lie in the mind of Nathan Bright, a pompous, but lovable, weatherman who may or may not have been one of the terrorists – only his mind has been wiped, and he’s managed to get away from her.

Issue 4 introduces a new character: Garren. Cross has run out of options and needs some serious help. Garren may be the answer, or he may make things far worse for Cross. That remains to be seen, but like all of the characters in this series, Garren is pretty badass. He’s a Han Solo-esque smuggler that’s one step ahead of the people who would do him wrong. But that’s okay, because Cross is a scrapper and is more than a match for anyone… and their private army.

Nathan Fox is an incredible artist. I love his character design work; Cross’ hairdo makes her look like a cat. And for Fox to have Dave Stewart coloring the work, well, no one could ask for better. Stewart makes this universe pop with vibrant color choices. Scenes come to life in ways most artists could hardly imagine. One, in particular, has slats of light coming through a wall made of wood planks falling across Cross and the most important thing in the room.

Another huge addition to this book is Steve Wands’ lettering. The sound effects fill the space making this a loud, noisy world. The color design of the sounds against the background colors creates a truly dynamic visual experience. Jody LeHeup has spun this story, and everyone is bringing their A-game. You’re getting every reason to buy this book. I can’t think of one reason not to.

Also worth mentioning, and this is a trend that I hope continues, the creators have teamed up with Magic Sword to bring to life an original soundtrack of electronica music. You can listen while you read — pretty awesome!

Creative Team: Jody LeHeup (story), Nathan Fox (artist), Dave Stewart (colors), Steve Wands (letters), Sebastian Girner (editor), Tom Muller (Designer)
Publisher: Image Comics
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Phillip Kelly, Fanbase Press Contributor



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